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Updated 15 June 2011

Company                                 Drug                                              Development Phase

Combinations of Drugs That Directly Target The Hepatitis C Virus
Vertex                                  Telaprevir (VX-950) Protease Inhibitor plus VX-222 Non-nucleoside Polymerase inhibitor w&wo Ribavirin and peginterferon Phase 2 
Bristol-Myers Squibb     -              BMS-790052 NS5A Inhibitor plus BMS-650032 Protease Inhibitor w&wo Ribavirin and peginterferon Phase 2 
Gilead                                  GS 9190 NN Polymerase Inhibitor plus GS 9256 Protease Inhibitor w&wo  Ribavirin and peginterferon Phase 2 
Bristol-Myers Squibb / Pharmasset       BMS-790052 NS5A inhibitor plus PSI-7792 Nucleotide Polymerase inhib. w&wo Ribavirin Phase 2 
Boehringer Ingelheim                    BI 201335 Protease Inhibitor plus BI 207127 Polymerase inhib. w&wo Ribavirin Phase 1 
Idenix                                  IDX184 Nucleoside Polymerase Inhibitor plus IDX320 Protease Inhibitor Phase 1 Halted 
Hoffmann-La Roche                       R7128 (RO5024048) Nucleoside Polymerase Inhibitor plus ITMN-191 R7227 (RO5190591) Protease inhibitor Phase 1 
Pharmasset                              PSI-7977 a pyrimidine and PSI-938 a purine nucleotide analog polymerase inhibitors Phase 1 

Drugs That Directly Target The Hepatitis C Virus

Vertex                                  Incivek (Telaprevir VX-950) Protease Inhibitor    Approved 
Vertex                                  VX-222 Non-nucleoside Polymerase inhibitor (from ViroChem Pharma) Phase 2 
Vertex                                  VX-985 Protease Inhibitor                         Phase 1 
Vertex / Alios                          ALS-2200 HCV NS5B polymerase inhib.               Pre Clinical 
Vertex / Alios                          ALS-2158 HCV NS5B polymerase inhib.               Pre Clinical 
Merck                                   Victrelis (Boceprevir SCH503034) Protease inhibitor Approved 
Merck                                   Vaniprevir MK-7009 protease inhibitor             Phase 2 
Sirna Therapeutics (aquired by Merck)   SIRNA-034 RNAi  RNA interference                  Pre Clinical 
Isis / Merck                            MK-0608 nucleoside polymerase inhib.              Phase 1 
Intermune / Roche                       Protease inhibitor ITMN-191 R7227 (RO5190591)     Phase 2 
Intermune                               2nd Gen. Protease inhibitor                       Pre Clinical 
Roche / Pharmasset                      R7128 (RO5024048) nucleoside polymerase inhibitor Phase 2 
Roche / Ligand (Metabasis)              RG7348 nucleoside                                 Phase 1 
Roche / Medivir                         HCV polymerase inhibitor                          R & D 
Medivir / Tibotec     / JnJ             TMC435 Protease inhibitor                         Phase 3 
Medivir / Tibotec                       TMC649128 Nucleoside NS5B polymerase inhibitor    Phase 1 
Pfizer                                  PF-868554 Non-Nuc Polymerase inhibitor            Phase 2 
Pfizer                                  PF-4878691                                        Phase 1 
Tacere Bio / Benitec / Pfizer           RNA interference TT033                            Pre Clinical 
Boehringer Ingelheim                    BI 201335 protease inhibitor                      Phase 3 
Boehringer Ingelheim                    BI 207127  Polymerase inhib.                      Phase 1 
Intercell / Novartis                    IC41 Therapeutic Vacccine                         Phase 2 
Bristol-Myers Squibb                    BMS-790052  NS5A Inhibitor                        Phase 2 
Bristol-Myers Squibb                    BMS-791325 Protease inhibitor                     Phase 1 
Bristol-Myers Squibb                    BMS-650032 NS3 Inhibitor                          Phase 2 
Bristol-Myers Squibb                    BMS-824393                                        Phase 2 
Anadys                                  ANA598 Polymerase inhib                           Phase 2 
ViroChem Pharma     (acquired by Vertex) VCH-759 Non nuc Polymerase inhib                  Phase 1 backup for VX-222 
Globeimmune                             GI 5005 Therapeutic Vaccine                       Phase 2 
iTherX     (formerly Immusol)           ITX5061 Entry Inhibitor                           Phase 2 
iTherX                                  ITX4520 Entry Inhibitor                           Pre Clinical 
iTherX                                  Viral Envelop & Host Cell Receptor Entry Inhibitors R & D 
Idenix                                  IDX184 Nucleoside Polymerase Inhibitor            Phase 2 
Idenix                                  Protease Inhibitor    IDX320                      Phase 1 Halted 
Idenix                                  Non-Nuc Polymerase Inhibitor    IDX375            Phase 1 
Idenix                                  NS5A Inhibitors                                   Pre Clinical 
Abbott                                  A-837093 Non-nuc polymerase inhib                 Phase 1 
Gilead                                  GS 9190 non-nuc polymerase inhibitor              Phase 2 
Gilead                                  GS 9256 Protease Inhibitor                        Phase 2 
Gilead                                  Protease polymerase inhib                         R & D 
Achillion Gilead                        ACH-1095 NS4A Antagonist                          Pre Clinical 
Achillion                               ACH-1625  Protease inhibitor                      Phase 2 
Achillion                               ACH-2684 Protease inhibitor                       Pre Clinical 
Achillion                               ACH-2928 NS5A inhibitor                           Pre Clinical 
Presidio                                PPI-461 NS5A inhibitor                            Phase 1 
Presidio                                PPI-1301  NS5A inhibitor                          Pre Clinical 
Aethlon Medical                         Hemopurifier                                      Phase 1 
Transgene                               TG4040 (MVA-HCV) Therapeutic Vaccine              Phase 2 
ChronTech Pharma (Tripep) / Inovio      Therapeutic Vaccine Chronvac-C                    Phase 2 
Arrow Therapeutics (aquired by AstraZeneca) AZD7295 NS5A inhibitor                            Phase 2 
Arrow Therapeutics                      Polymerase Inhibitor                              Pre Clinical 
Arrow Therapeutics                      Protease Inhibitor                                R & D 
U of Mass. Med School                   MBL-HCV1    human monoclonal antibody             Phase 2 
Eiger BioPharmaceuticals                Clemizole NS4B-RNA Binding Inhibitor              Phase 1 
Eiger BioPharmaceuticals                Amphipathic Helix Inhibitors                      Pre Clinical 
Santaris Pharma                         SPC3649 Locked Nucleic Acid mRNA122 inhibitor     Phase 1 
GENimmune (subsidiary of Innogenetics)  GNI-103  Therapeutic vaccine                     Pre Clinical 
GENimmune                               GNI-104 - monoclonal antibodie E1 protein         R & D 
ChemDiv / IDialog                       ID-12 small molecule                              Pre Clinical 
GlaxoSmithKline (Genelabs)              GSK625433 Polymerase Inhibitor                    Phase 1 
GlaxoSmithKline                         Non-nucleoside & nucleoside polymerase inhib.     Pre Clinical 
GenPhar                                 Vaccine                                           Pre Clinical 
Abbott / Enanta                         ABT-450 Protease inhib                            Phase 2 
Abbott                                  ABT-072 Non-Nucleoside Polymerase Inhibitor       Phase 2 
Abbott                                  ABT-333 Non-Nucleoside Polymerase Inhibitor       Phase 2 
Pharmasset                              PSI-7977 nucleoside polymerase inhib.             Phase 2 
Inhibitex                               INX-189 Polymerase inhibitor                      Phase 1 Complete 
Pharmasset                              PSI-938 nucleoside polymerase inhib.              Phase 1 
Enanta                                  EDP-239 NS5A Polymerase Inhibitor                 Pre Clinical 
Enanta                                  Cyclophilin binder                                R & D 
Dynavax                                 Immunostimulatory sequences SD-101 Type C TLR9 agonist Phase 1 
Compass Biotechnologies (Cyplasin / C-Pharma) VLP vaccine                                       Phase 1 
Phenomix                                protease inhibitor                                Pre Clinical 
Samaritan Pharmaceuticals               SP-30 entry inhibitor                             Pre Clinical 
Avila Therapeutics                      AVL-181     protease inhibitor                    Pre Clinical 
Avila Therapeutics                      AVL-192 protease inhibitor                        Pre Clinical 
Altor BioScience                        Soluble T-cell Antigen Receptor                   Pre Clinical 
Arisyn Therapeutics                     ATI-0810 (Formerly PG301029)     RNA and protein production inhibitor Pre Clinical 
Progenics                               PRO 206     entry inhibitor                       Pre Clinical 
BioWest (Migenix)                       N-nucleoside Poly inhib                           Pre Clinical inactive 
PTC / Merck (Schering)                  IRES inhib                                        Pre Clinical 
Vertex                                  Helicase inhibitor                                R & D 
Cetek                                   small molecule                                    R & D 
Itherx (Immusol) / Novartis             ITX2155 l                                         R & D 
Argos Therapeutics                      Therapeutic Vaccine                               R & D 
Tibotec                                 Polymerase inhib.                                 R & D 
Regulus Therapeutics     (Alnylam / Isis) GlaxoSmithKline microRNA antagonism of miR-122                    R & D 
CombiMatrix                             RNAi                                              R & D 
Boehringer Ingelheim / Biota            Nucleoside analogues                              R & D 
BioLeap                                 ????                                              R & D 
Biotron                                 targeting HCV-p7                                  R & D 
NanoViricides                           HepaCide-I                                        R & D 
Hanall                                  Antihepatitis agents                              R & D 
Astex Therapeutics                      Enzyme Inhibitor                                  R & D 
Avexa / TargetDrug                      replication inhib.                                R & D 
StemCells Inc                           HCV resistant    Human liver engrafting cells     R & D 
Vertex                                  VX-500  protease inhibitor                        Phase 1 
Vertex                                  VX-813 2nd gen protease inhibitor                 Pre Clinical 
Chiron / CSL                            Therapeutic Vaccine CSL123                        Phase 2 
Biocryst                                Polymerase inhibitor                              Pre Clinical 
ViRex Medical                           Hepavaxx C Therapeutic Vaccine                    Pre Clinical 
Genmab                                  HuMax-HepC antibody                               Pre Clinical 
Protiva Biotherapeutics                 siRNA                                             Pre Clinical 
Phenomix                                PHX1766 protease inhibitor                        Phase 1 

Immune Modifiers and Other Non-specific Drugs

Human Genome Sciences                   ZALBIN (Albuferon albinterferon alfa-2b) (interferon / albuminfusion) Phase 3 
SciClone Pharma                         SCV-07     immunomodulator - STAT3 signaling inhibitor Phase 2 
Migenix                                 MX3235 Celgosivir alpha-glucosidase I inhibitor   Phase 2 inactive 
Intarcia                                Omega Interferon                                  Phase 2 
NABI                                    Polyclonal antibody Civacir                       Phase 2 
Romark Laboratories                     Alinia (Nitazoxanide)                             Phase 3 
Biolex / OctoPlus                       Locteron controlled release interferon            Phase 2 
Kemin Pharma                            KPE02001003                                       Phase 2 
Kemin Pharma                            KPE00001113                                       R & D 
VioQuest Pharmaceuticals                Lenocta (sodium stibogluconate SSG)               Phase 2 
Conatus                                 CTS-1027 MMP inhibitor                            Phase 2 
Jenkin                                  JKB-122 antiinflammatory                          Phase 2 
Oklahoma University    Health Sciences Center Fluvastatin                                       Phase 2 
Antipodean                              Mito-Q antiinflammatory                           Phase 2 Complete 
Phynova                                 PYN17 antiviral anti-inflammatory  anti-fibrotic  Phase 2 
Canopus                                 CB5300 antiviral                                  Phase 2 
Medtronic                               continuous subcutaneous interferon     external pump infusion system Phase 2 
Flamel Technologies                     Medusa polymer controled release Interferon alpha-2b XL Phase 2 
Phynova                                 PYN18 anti viral plant extract                    Pre Clinical 
Can-Fite                                CF102 antiinflammatory                            Phase 2 
Biotron                                 BIT225                                            Phase 1 
Peregrine Pharm                         Bavituximab                                       Phase 2 
Amarillo Bioscience / CytoPharm         Low Dose Oral Interferon                          Phase 2 
Bristol-Myers Squibb      (was owned by ZymoGenetics) PEG-Interferon lambda                             Phase 2 
Novelos                                 NOV-205 immunomodulating and antiinflammatory     Phase 2 
Scynexis                                SCY-635 cyclophilin inhibitor                     Phase 1 
Idera                                   IMO-2125 TLR9 Agonist                             Phase 1 
Anadys                                  ANA773 TLR7 agonist                               Phase 1 
Novartis / Debiopharm                   Debio 025 Cyclophilin Inhibitor                   Phase 3 
Bristol-Myers Squibb / Ono              MDX-1106 (ONO-4538) anti-PD1                      Phase 1 
Cytheris                                CYT107    Interleukin-7                           Phase 2 
Cubist                                  CB-183872 Protein therapeutic - Formerly IB657 (Illumigen Biosciences) Pre Clinical 
REPLICor                                REP 9C broad-spectrum entry inhibitor             Phase 1 
Nautilus                                Oral Belerofon                                    R & D 
Anadys                                  AN 025-1                                          R & D 
Genodyssee                              GEA007.1 IFN alpha variant                        Pre Clinical 
Alios BioPharma                         Glycoferon                                        Pre Clinical 
SciClone Pharma / Sigmatau              Zadaxin - thymalfasin                             Phase 3 
Bioenvision                             Suvus                                             Phase 2 
Enzo Biochem                            Immune Regulator ECH18                            Phase 1 
Immunomedics                            IMMU 105                                          Phase 1 
Transition Therapeutics                 IET Interferon Enhancing Therapy                  Phase 2