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The five coach of the lessons this season: Super bowls of work coach encounters crisis

With the advancement of the schedule, the performance of each team is gradually clear: the invincible ram, chief, the poor sea eagle, wild horses, deep squad, the giant, the playoffs, can be slightly smashed twice. The team’s record is not only on the performance of the player, but the main coach is an important ring, […]

Beast mode or beast magic? Linqi’s first code line encounters a super bow classic copy

When your team attacked the front 1 yard line of the other party, while your team owns Ma Shaun – Linqi, how would you choose? If you play Madense football, many players will do not hesitate to choose ”I word pattern” to let Ma Shaun, Linqi, rushing in … This problem seems to be discussed […]

Goodbye! Giants quartz Swan Mantin ended 16 years old to declare retirement

Whether Braddy retired is still unseaved, but ”Brad Dick Star” is the first to retire! The New York Giants 4-point Wei Yilai Manning announced that it officially ended his 16-year NFL career, retired! As the elite quarter Wei Pedon-Manning’s brother, Elays Manning also became the same as the career of the giant. Compared with a […]

Although friendship is hurt but still! Outside the Steelers took over juju expressed concern that Brown

January 31 News (text / ESPN Brooke Pryor compile / Aibo) outside the star wide receiver Antonio – Brown (Antonio Brown) since September, is a hassle then one. And he’s all the moves in the NFL let him save all these years to be defeated basic character of light. However, people still express concern about […]

Patriot Attacking and Defense End of the winning Brown Jones showed the bright morning in May

In the early morning of the 15th, Beijing time, the new England patriots were 45 more than 7 to 7 victory. Clinkland Brown. Mike Jones led the patriot offensive group performance very well, promoted the total number of 400, received 30 first offensive, 9 times three-speed conversion successfully 7 times, the average offense can promote […]

The big trading stops can’t stop! Four reasons for the prosperity of the extensive trading market worth watching

October 26 (Wen / ESPN DAN Graziano Compile / White) The deadline of NFL trading in 2019-20 is increasingly approaching, and the number of people who have recently reached greatly. This week, the New England Patriot 33-0 defeated the New York jet after less than 8 hours, and won Mohamed Sanu. Two days later, the […]

NFL three years later: History’s first year salary no suspense patriot is a super bowl to ask them?

The new season training camp is still open, and many players and teams are constantly recovering, greet the next season. It is undeniable that the future NFL will definitely be more intense. Before the start of the new season, ESPN has also conducted a wave of prediction (irresponsible). It is worth noting that this is […]

The Hawks of the Sea Eagle wanweldon hopes to play 10 years, then dreams when the NFL team owner is

Seattle Hawks 4-point Warael Wilson is already a small shareholder of the MLS American Football Grand Union Seattle Bay Squad, but he is not satisfied. Wilson’s boss’s boss is also very interested in the position of NFL. Maybe in the future it is likely to become a boss of a team? However, these hopes may […]

Sitting in the car to charge money training camp can be okay? Jaguars cornerback star: it’s time to raise the

Not sure if you know this: Jacksonville Jaguars have decided not this offseason to Jay – Ramsey (Jalen Ramsey) paid a salary, but wait a year (at least) and to the Pro Bowl cornerback good negotiating a new agreement. And if you do not know it, Jay – Ramsey might make you know that he […]