"China Football Development Foundation Cup" China City Children’s Football League Changsha Fall Closes

Red Net Mime November 14th(Reporter Yu Yu Correspondent Wang Si) On November 14th, ”China Football Development Foundation Cup” China City Children’s League (hereinafter referred to as ”City Children”) Closing Ceremony and Award Ceremony in Changsha Youth Soccer Moon Island Training Base was held.

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The award ceremony site. This article photography / inquiry rain

”China Football Development Foundation Cup” China City Children’s Football League, hosted by the National Sports School Federation, the Changsha Football Association hosted, the entire season lasted 7 months, U8-12 five groups, total 56 Team, after more than 500 games, fierce competition, showing the spirit of daring to fight, hard work, and finally decided to crown, sub, and quarters.

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The staff introduced that this league was successfully held, which not only allowed the children’s will to be more strong, but also provide learning opportunities for the football and potential children, and Soccer Jersey Discount play the functions of football and marriage, learn to respect the game, respect the referee, Respect your opponent, teach your child to play a good ball, do a good job, let more young people experience football, love football, enjoy football. I hope that more children increase the opportunity to contact football through the game platform, let the children like football, and cultivate future outstanding football players and social qualified talents through football education.

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At the ceremony, the football teenager sing the national anthem.

Li Ping, Vice Chairman of Changsha CPPCC, Director Changsha Sports Bureau, Honorary Chairman of Cheap Soccer Jersey Changsha Football Association Li Qiang, Secretary of Hunan Sports Bureau Youth Sports Department, Director of Changsha Sports Training Competition Management Center Manager Liu Haiying and other leaders attended the event and presented.

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