"European preliminaries" German coach Frick questioned with four wins

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The German men’s football team will retrieve Romania at home in the early morning, win the seventh round of the World Cup European Qualifier J group, and lead the running list with 6 wins and 1st.

The German team head coach Frick is full of four battles, with the 14 goals, and the achievements of the lost 1 goal question questions.

This yes bank latest news today kind of service, Germany is not smooth. In the 5th minute, Vernna was defeated by Boolean from the right side of the penalty area, and when the value of the primary, CCle’s penalty, but under the VAR recommendation, he watched the back and released the penalty.

After 4 minutes, Romania front-garde Annes Haji was on the right side of the front field. After two people, they took the ball into the front corner of the ball.

The 23-year-old Niis Haji is a child of Glori Harji. Its father has elected Romanian best players in seven times. I am afraid that I will impress the Germans.

However, the ratio of the shooting of the German and Romania is 22 to 9, the shooting is 6 to 1, the ball ball is 77% to 23%, the former has a large advantage, and in the 52nd minute by Royce assists, Naburye is a long-fired door, and it will be divided. This Bayern attack hand has contributed 26 games and 6 assists in 30 national team competitions.

In the 67th minute, Zhi is a 3-point Virick garrace, with Harfitz and Muller to change Rois and Vernner, making the German offensive more prosperous, and completed by Muller’s tactics at the 81st minute Loak, finally completed a big reversal.

Although Freik took office, the German team remained a full victory, but the question of him is still constantly criticizing him without a new person.

In fact, Adeemi replaced the Saha in the 89th minute of this service, this is the second substitute for him in the nearly 3 games; the former German team head coach Fogs Ding’s 18-year-old Forward Wellz, the last game has been put on the array of Iceland, and this service has also played the list.

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