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The magic of the Morata, the stubborn enrick, the best record of the competition since 2012, and the fans who love hated. For Spain Football, it is more pleasant in the past for nearly a month. There is a regret to have a gratifying, and the ball wars will be lost in Manchester United Jersey Italy. In this way, bid farewell to the European Cup stage, perhaps the beginning of revival .

Spain ”Gold Generation” won the 2008 European Cup, 2010 World Cup This Spain is very young, and Enrique has a lot of time to transform, more patience, the next glorious period may be inadvertent.

Morata slides to celebrate a ball. Figure / IC photo

Mbappé Jersey It is also Mora Tam defeated Morata

Since the way to go to the professional football path, Morata seems to be a contradictory aggregate. I was born in the Yue Youth training, and the result was ”the enemy” Real Madrid. The performance is flattering to Juventus, and the state is excellent and is repurchased by the old East. Go away Chelsea suffered a trough, because it would be seen in May. Just getting a place to start at your career, inexplicably moved to Serie A Stadium.

Today, Morata has never played more than 2 seasons in a club, and the main force is often wasting the ball. After the replacement, it can always attack key balls, and the management is good Soccer Jersey Discountwhen his attitude is good, fans. It is love and hate to him. This contradictory state continues in this European Cup.

The first battle of Sweden was discounted, and Morata, wasted many opportunities, in the home of Seville, was encountered in the sky, and even the fans sang a satirical song. The next round against Poland, Morata’s goal helped the team’s difficulties got a point, the public opinion situation instantaneously reversed.

The good scene is not long, the Spain wins the Slovakia in the 16th, and the fines lost the penalty fleet to fall into the bottom of the valley. One-third finals faced Croatia, the opponent stunned the handset, when some fans were desperate, Morata was tall and played, and saved the team.

With Italy’s ”Rice”, Morata has become a sinner from heroes in dozens of minutes. The team is late, it is necessary to be eliminated by the opponent, and it is the Mora Tower who has debuted, and retains the game suspense. The contest of the penalty war is lost by the master of Morata, which has lost his penalty, leading to the Spanish.

There is no key point for Morata to rush. Spain may not break from the group (no Morata’s overtime goal, ”Bullfighter Legion” has stopped Top 16; there is no Morata’s substitute, Italian Fight can be solved in 90 minutes. But there is still a little, the penalty of Morata is lost, Spain may have returned to the European Cup final.

Morata is shining instant. Figure / IC photo

Enrique’s stubbornness has lost

The 2014 World Cup Group has not been out, 2016 European Cup, the 2018 World Cup is 16th, ”Bullish Legion” three-champion-championship has more vigilant, and there are many trags when falling. After the Change of the Russian World Cup, the Spanish Football Association will pay the rejuvenation to the Engel.

The firm people in Enrique know that before this European Cup opened, his series of operations aroused public opinion in the Spanish. European Po is allowed to bring 26 people to participate in the European Cup. Only Nirk took 24 people, the reason is that the contest usually only 18 to 19 people can debut, with more useless. In the past, the Royal Players were the main force of the Spanish team, but Engel did not bring, and even refused to call the Hua Madrus captain Ramos.

The European Cup officially opened, Engeli will put Daugh, the main door of Multi-year, in the replacement, and use the young Umb Simon. Let the Star Star Poporda venue in Manta Star, become the core of the back. 18-year-old Pedri sits in the main strength of the midfielder and became the teach history in the world contest. The frontcourt is a absolute trust in Morata, Morreo, Ormer, and resolutely unchanging.

”Morata has a fighting spirit, has a character, ability, I think there is no national team coach doesn’t want or don’t appreciate the players like Morata, and he is seriously underestimated by the national team.” The criticism of the outside world is fierce, and Enrick is not moving, and even said Spain’s starting lineup is Morata + other 10 people.

Enrique’s stubborn arrangements, especially using Morata, of course, have achieved best results in the World Competition since 2012, creating team history in the summary of the Singapore World Competition, Morata also 6 balls surpass Torres, became the Historical Shooter of the ”Bullfighter Legion”.

At the same time, there are also many places to summarize. The midfielder control of the team is undoubted, but the opportunity of the frontcourt grasping the ability is slightly lacking, this Spain does not have a genius mid-site field like Harvey, Iniesta, and there is no sharp line in Villa, Torres. Even if there is luck to accompany the road to the top 4, the lineup and tactics still need to be grinded slowly.

The Spanish Football Association chairman was comforted after contest. Figure / IC photo

Walking on the front of the revival road

With the second identity of the team, the three-row knocks have been played 120 minutes. 1 time federation, 1 time, 1 time won, 1 time, lost, and finally won the popular Italian blocks outside the final. Compared with the low expectations of the game, this Spain has excess the task.

Several names of the name are there, Iniesta is proud of this Spain, and Ramos said that the players shocked and touched the entire country. The Spanish Football Association did not have any complaints, and the Chairman of the Football Association participated in the competition. He saw the veteran adheres, the recruits of recruits, the team’s increasingly mature.

It can be said that although the way out is unfortunate, most people have seen hope and future from this Spanish. The stability of the elderly, such as Busskz, Alba, Cork, Aspiki Tita, is gratifying. In the team, ”Gold Generation” has gradually fallen, they are still guarding the team. Glory. Thanks to these veteran, young people began to have a heavy responsibility in the stage shoulders of the World Competition.

The 18-year-old Pedri saw the shadow of Harvey, Iniesta and others. In March this year, he only gave a view of the national team. As a result, 6 games took 1 minute, including 3 sets of time, more The pall data is ranked at the forefront of the European Cup. As the NRK said: ”There is such performance in the 18-year-old age, I have never seen it in the World Cup, European Cup, and Olympic Games, even Iniesta is not.”

In 1996, Rodrim, Olmer, was born in 1997, there is Pedri, Garcia, Ferran Torres, 3 ”00-turn” players, Enrick disadvantages Lionel messi Jersey the Spanish generation The rise, who can assert this batch of young people can’t be a ”new gold generation” in the future of Spain football?

Beijing News reporter Xu Bangyin

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