1-0! Harvey’s first show, Barcelona ends 4 rounds + one rise in 3, Wu Lei 95 minutes missing flat

At 7:30 on October 15, Beijing time, the 12th round of the South American Division of the World Prefecture, and the Atlantic at the home of Argentina met Peru. Christian – Romero offside goals, Raotaro Martinens half a hammer sound. In the second half, the penalty is lost, and the Argentina defeated the opponent, and the preliminaries were grouped, and the position of the 2nd place in the world will continue to stand in the second place.

This 1-0, which made Argentina in 11 consecutive preliminaries, and continued in the past 36 years of preliminaries, the specific record is 11 wins and 7 flat 2 losses. The last time preliminates to the opponent, but also dates back to 1985.

In addition, Raotaro has contributed 33 goals in Argentina, which is the largest player in Skaroni’s goals, and 2 goals than the same period.

According to the data, Messi’s game 2 shot particles did not receive, 23 lost ball, only 7 points. Messi did not have two consecutive preliminates. In 2021, the national team went to 9 goals and failed to achieve the first national team for the first national team of careers. Messi was seated in Peru for 7 consecutive times, and the curse was 14 years.

Only 9 minutes in the opening, Argentina received an arbitrary kick, Christian-Romimeo head ball was blown out first, Argentina was happy.

In the 24th minute, Deserve will pass the ball back, followed by Di Mia to the empty end shot.

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In the 34th minute, Messi’s small angle was transferred to the Perugers.

In the 43rd minute, Argentina attacked from the right road, Molina was accurately passed, and the Lautlo fish jumped to the top, 1-0!

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In the 63rd minute, Martinez attached to the opponent, Argentina was sentenced to the penalty. In the 66th minute, Daytons did not enter the beam, and Argentina was still leading.

In the 69th minute, Losso made a free kick of the frontier frontier of the penalty area, but Messi was led by the opponent’s door.

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In the 88th minute, Ji Duo-Rodrigs once headed, but unfortunately, it was invalid.

The rest of the time, the two sides have no construction, Argentina 1-0 laughs to finally follow the head of Brazil.

Both sides appearance lineup

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Argentina’s starting: 23-Martinens, 21-Molina, 13-C-Romero, 19-Otamadi, 8-Akunia, 7-De Paul, 5-Pales (73 ’18- 多 德里格))), 20-Losso (94′ 14-Palasius), 11-Dimaria (73 ’14-Nicholas – Gonzalez), 10-Plum West, 22-Laotaro (85 ’16-Hua Jin-Coria)

Peru 1st: 1 – Galesse, 4-Lola, 5-Zambarano, 22-Karrence, 6-Trauso, 16-C-Gonzalez, 23-Aquino, 19- Dayton (74 ’13-Cartagena), 8-Quavy, 11-R-Garcia (74 ”14-Costa), 9-Lapa Dura (60” 10-Falvi)

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