118-103! Curry 32 points 7 boards 8 help, Vilins 28 points, Lillad 15 shot 5, only 16 points

On November 27, the Warriors met the trails of the Blazers.

At the beginning of the game, Nurkic was given to the inner line, and the Warriors https://www.basketballtrikotde.com
took the Luni to hand in the warrior, and the mouth was 7 points in 2 minutes, and today’s state is excellent.

Subsequently, Kurry also opened, under his leader, Green and Luni koked the pot, a wave of small orgasm, the Warriors received 7 points.

After returning, CJ scored continuously. Lilad also broke the division to 1 point in a short time by breaking the order.

The first section is over, 27-26, the warrior leads.

Enter the second quarter, don’t listen to the opening pot, then Cutzi three points, after the play basket on the library, the Warriors leaded to 8 points. Within three minutes, the pioneers have not yet, and than Lubps have to call the suspension.

Suspend, Powell and CJ teamed up with 6 points, the points were shrunk, but the good scene was not long, and the reservoir took a three-point led a https://www.maillotbasket6.com wave of small climax and expanded the advantage to 14 points.

In the first half, there is a passion moment. Curse picks up three points in the hands of the hand, Curry shouts: ”FXXK Yeah Boy!” And Puri shot the ass celebration, haha, one to open the Tinto.

At the end of the half, 58-44, the Warriors lead.

In the third quarter, the Warriors stabilize the 14-point advantage, and the trailers have a chasing point, and they can be cut off in Curry and Vints, more and more. Half of the half, the Warriors have ahead of 20 points.

In the final stage of the third quarter, Powell in the state was accidentally injured, and he had to return to the dressing room for treatment.

In the third quarter, 91-70, the Warriors lead, Curry has laughed.

The first three sections, https://www.maillotsbasketfr.com the desire of the Blazers is not strong, https://www.nbatrikots4.com the defense is not active, there is no charm of attack, I think the fourth quarter is garbage time, but the brothers, sorry, I guess this time.

The Trail Pioneer started 8-1 attack waves, narrowing the difference, and the guidance came back.

The Warriors have a tendency to relax, and the basket is shocked several times by Xiao Yus, plus external projection, the advantages of the Warriors 21 points have been chased 8 points.

At the crucial moment, I have to look at the library, three points, and the hand fell, 2 remember three points, and the momentum of the trailer of the trailer.

In the last 2 minutes, Lillad used a three-point, for the team to renew, but the front digging pit is too large, and finally, at the same time, the pioneer was defeated at home.

Take https://www.basketballtrikotde.com
a look at the data:

From some details in the game, the pioneer’s current team is really not strong. After a simple shirt of the Warrior, it directly enters the internal line, and even a replenishment is not.

The tactical layout can’t complete the pole, the problem that can react out is: people are uniform! From the somewhat micro-expression of Lillad, it may be tired, or it is possible to scatter.

The 23 convention prior to this campaign, the Warriors won the 15 games, Curi Peillard tripped 10 times in the playoffs, and the Curry won all the games!

Curry is really Lillad’s gratitude.

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