16 winning! Why is the sun so stable, three reasons are key, to fight with the warriors


If you want to say the most popular team in this season, the eastern is temporarily can’t find, each has its own problems. There are two weeks, one is a warrior who is reborn, and another is a solar team that is brave. After defeating with Durant and Harden, the Sun Team 16 wins, this is also the longest winning victory https://www.maillotsbasketfr.com of NBA this season.

At present, the sun is the best 17 games in the team. Whether it is from lineup or playing perspective, the sun is very representative. Compared with other teams, the Sun Team is a deep explore value. This time we will take a look at the specific situation. 16 winning! Why is the sun so stable, three reasons are key, to compete with the Warriors!

For the first reason: the ranking period is not strong, the lineup is stable and is critical

The 20-21 season is one of the most successful seasons of their team history. Why do you say this? On the one hand, after the team has experienced a long rebucture, the team finally turned over, and he entered the finals all the way. The history of the Sun Team has rarely advanced to the finals, and it has only been such a time since entering the new century. https://www.maillotbasket6.com On the other hand, the current batch of players completed things that were not completed in Nashz era, Paul pushed the team in the top.

Although the Sun team did not get the championship, but from the performance of the nearly two seasons, the overall team of the Sun Team and the strategy is correct. The team that often has achievements, there is no need to change again in the offset period. We can look at the solar team’s break, real targeted reference is to sign the inner player McGee, and it is a small repair. The sun did not make a lineup, because they knew that this is not necessary, after all, these players are more integrated, and there is no need to draw snakes.

It is important to stabilize a team, we can look at the lakes of the bridge. After the 19-20 season Lakers won the championship, the team began https://www.basketballtrikotde.com
to adjust the lineup, and the 20-21 season did not play good results. This year, the Lakers have a big move, and the result is over 20 games before the game, they are still in the middle. From this, it can be seen that if the team is to ensure good record, once the lineup is scheduled, don’t change easily.

Due to the stability of lineup, coupled with the main player did not have injuries, so the Sun team had a lot of bonus. The sun does not need to work together to formally enter the rhythm, even if the previous four game records are a bit spicy, but they have opened the game. For the opponents in the game, there are quite strong teams that can be said that the amount of gold is full. The solar team has achieved a winning record in November, so excellent performance is really bright!

Second reason: Paul’s transformation https://www.maillotsbasketnbafr.com is successful, young players have grown

The lineup stability is the foundation of the Sun Team, and the sun player with super-execute is very critical. Since Paul came to this team, the Sun team has turned into the earth. Paul in this season is still very efficient, under his control, the team is basically no problem. The so-called family has an old man, not to mention the historical level of the historical level of Paul, there is Paul’s pressure array, and the other positions in the sun are all divisions.

Now Paul is also looking for transformation, from the data level, the Paulhouse declines to 14.5 points. It is not so much that Paul is intended to restrain himself. If you want to stay efficient, Paul will need to make the score opportunity to teammates, then stand up again. However, the Paulhouse helped the attacks still have 10.1 times, which also allows Paul to lead this season assists list. Paul’s active transformation allows the team system more harmonious, which is an active signal for the sun.

Paul transforms in step by step, and young players have great growth. Although Endon and management have not renewed agreement, he is still conscientious, and there are two pairs of 15.8 points 11.9 rebounds in more than 30 minutes. Bridges is the same, don’t look at his data is not changed, but Bricez offensive and defense is more mature than last season. Bridge is an important part of the team, and he also determines the upper limit of the team.

The main player is stable, and this is the same. The overall rotation of the Sun team is excellent in the Alliance. McGi is in the event of 16.4 minutes, you can get 10.2 points 7.1 rebound. Camaminsky also rose, and this season also became a key role. In addition, Shaen, Shame is more exciting, playing very comfortable in the Sun Team System, these are things that do not have questions, and all this has benefited from Paul’s transformation!

Third reason: The coach strategy is set to place, and we must compete with the warrior.

When there is a good card in your hand, it is very important to play cards. The solar team is very good, the coach Monti-Williams’ strategy is also in place. The offensive end Monti is used as a root base, and the team is driving the team’s overall attack. The solar team is a block of pick-up brigades, and the fields have reached 20+ rounds. They are driving, and then there are many tactical varieties, one of the most efficient players of the position. In addition, the overall rhythm of the Sun team is quite fast, and there are 101.4 rounds in the field, ranking 4th place.

At the same time, the Sun team also has excellent shooting, and the hit rate is 48.1% high-alumni. Interesting situations are, in this rhythm, the solar team is not the kind of team that pursues three-pointer. This season is only 31.5 times this season, and it is a bit retro in the 28th place in the League. The sun doesn’t like to play fast attacks, and there is only 12.3 fax scores. All in all, Monttie created a set of offensive systems to the Sun Team.

In the case of the offensive end, Monti is in place in place in the defensive end. The turning position of the Sun Team has been very active, and the complete set of defensive systems is very complete, distributed from the outside to the inner line, which is quite strict and has three-dimensional. The Solar Defensive Efficiency of this season is 103.7, and the third place is ranked third. It can be seen that the defenders of the Sun team are the whole, which is quite interesting, which means that every sun player is doing his own business, no matter who is lacking, there are people going top.

The solar team rushed all the way, and he was definitely not satisfied with the second in the west. Now that their chance is coming, December 1 will be directly encountered with the warriors. The Warriors currently have a record of 17 wins and 2 losses, and the sun record is 17 wins and 3 losses. This confrontation is critical for both parties. Because the two sides are similar, it can be said that this pair of two ordinary games.

The sun will definitely hope to expand the winner and want to fight with the warrior. The Warriors are the best in the state. The competitive state of Curry is quite hot, so these two teams meet, and they will definitely pick a different spark. This peak is worthy of fans’ expectations!


The regular season is still in the playoffs or the playoffs. The goal of the Sun team is to hit the championship. Just look at whether Paul can dream this year, after all, there is a pity in the last season. As for the sun, you can refresh the team’s histori-winning record, let us wait and see!