180 regular matches 20 + 10 assists! Nets to take the opponent Harden again to create a milestone

The Nets took the opponent at 123-104, and the four-game winning streak consolidated the first throne of the eastern part at 14 wins and 5. In this game, James Haden, still got 20 + 7 + 11 data, https://www.maillotsbasketnbafr.com and got the 180th regular season 20 + 10 assists in the personal NBA career, and then create a milestone.

Haden played in this game for 35 minutes, 13 shots shot only 4, but he proved that his own external hand is still in the 9th line of the three-point line, he also got all the players in the audience. The up to 9 free throws and hit 8, get 20 points of 7 rebounds, the three-step https://www.basketballtrikotde.com
data, only 3 mistakes, the highest number of +29’s positive and negative values ??also prove the rule of Harden force.

This is already a 20+ score of 10+ assists in the 180th regular season in Harden NBA career. What is the concept? Once I won the regular game MVP, the famous Hall of the regular game, the entire NAB career, only a total of 162 regular games, got the NBA history of the second 8-game assist king’s Bob – Library Only 108 regular seasonings in the West, the full vote has been in the regular game MVP Stephen-Curi to present the data of only 84 regular games.

?? Haden 180 regular season got 20+ score 10+ assists data, in the history of NBA, the top 9 of Tim-Hadwood, the seventh NBA history The Assistant Wang John-Stonut is only four gaps. Among the active players of the NBA, only the scenes of the three https://www.nbatrikots4.com people, James and Paul got this data more than Harden. It is worth mentioning that Oscar Robertson got this data in 398 regular seasons. Nowadays, it is still a dream that future generations cannot, and the active players ranked first in this data. There is such performance in 244 games.

In the recent seven regular season, Harden can get the second more than 10.9 free throws in all players in the same period, and 90.8% of the free throw rate, get 25.1 points 6.9 rebounds 9.9 assists 2.0 times Stealing the average data, after gradually adapting to the NBA new rules, the MVP level Harden is back! The basket is also more champion!