19 shot 9, with a team 16 consecutive! Paul said: The final goal of the team is to win

The sun against the basket network, the final sun defeated the Net, this game of the sun first ahead of 14 points, although the last section of the game has played 35-23, but the front lost too much, In the end, there is no way to make a successful. The overall performance of this competition is very good, including Bak 18, 9, 1 rebound, https://www.maillotsbasketfr.com 4 assists, Paul 19 shot 9 in 9, 5 rebounds, Bridges, 5, 5 13 points 6 rebounds 1 Assistant 7 steals, Eidton 8 shot 5 get 10 points 6 rebounds.

Since Paul came to the sun, the first season The sun entered the finals. Although there were many fans to say that the sun was lucky, but the sun has already ushered in 16 consecutive victories, the record is 17 wins and 3 losses. The position of the second place in the western region is still the western strength team, which is unquestionable. When Paul came to the sun, Eaton affirmed a lot, after all, Paul passed very well, and also liberated Bak, let Boke more focused on https://www.maillotsbasketnbafr.com score, Bridges now grow up, the sun is western Very strong battle team.

The performance of the basket, Paul’s performance is, as always, the Paulhouse is 14.5 minutes of the season 10.1 Assists 4.1 rebound 2 steals, with the team 16 consecutive https://www.nbatrikots4.com victory, whether the offensive is still the defensive end, Paul is still very good. After the game, when I talked about my own chance to get 17 consecutive victories in the three teams, Paul said: ”This will be very good, everyone knows the team’s ultimate current to win, but if you don’t enjoy regular season Those small victories, then what are you doing? ”

This season, the sun is not just the status of the player, and the performance of the replacement players is also good, with McGi, Peson, Johnson, Shamet and others, but the team still encountered some injuries It is troubled, among which Cardami’s right knee injury is currently unlimited. Of course, there is no reimbursement season, and Shari is expected to be at least absent, but there is a possibilities playoffs https://www.maillotbasket6.com will come back.

The growth of the young player, plus the experience of experience in the field, the sun has the current achievements, of course, the head coach Montiwillons is also very good, the next game will be on the Western Warriors, Paul can be in the sun. Get 17 consecutive victories, this game is very important, look forward to the mortuary between the sun and the warriors.