2018 World Cup’s Mobi Cun: Hisense, Vivo 50 billion sponsorship value?

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Blue Whale TMT Reporter Cheng Jinqi

On the evening of June 14th, the 2018 World Cup officially opened, Goldman Sachs investment company used AI predicted Brazil, German team used AI to predict Spain to win, so the green field and AI, VAR technology and other new technology and China sponsored enterprises.

According to FIFA, Wanda Group is a FIFA partner; Mengniu, Hisense, Vivo ranks among the 2018 Russian World Cup sponsors, sponsorship costs are 50 million US dollars; Yadi, pointers, emperors become FIFA area sponsors, sponsorship fees Each is $ 20 million. In this way, Chinese companies have general stroje pilkarskie sponsorship or exceeding $ 300 million.

The football emperor Beckenbauer has said that ”it is not a football on the green field, but gold.”

Recently, the statistics of Xingye Securities Since the 1994 World Cup, the results of the major index since the World Cup, the Shanghai Composite Index and Shenzhen Focus on Most of the Decline during the World Cup competition, and the downside probability is 66.67%, 83.33%.

So, do you squeeze the FIFA sponsor of ”military must fight”?

At the time of China Merchants Securities, the ”World Cup” influence of the ”World Cup” fell in the Lionel messi drakter stock market is more in the psychological level, which gradually became a psychological implies, and the stack of attention transfer and emotional changes may cause the investor’s collective behavior, aggravation. Stock market abnormal phenomenon.

Li Lifeng, An analyst of Guojin Securities, believes that China has a huge football fan group. The accompanying consumption of Chinese fans during the World Cup can bring considerable benefits to relevant manufacturers.

There are also industry analysts, say that sponsoring the World Cup can increase the global brand image and impression, but more companies are a hot spot for the World Cup as marketing and hype. This does not mean that corporate brands can make brand marketing for top-level events. In addition to high sponsorship, it is necessary to have strength to determine the cooperative brand, and the key to winning attention is that the core technical strength of the company itself.

汝 之 糖, 砒.

First, Hisense will enter ”overtime” or ”knock”?

In April 2017, Hisense became the official sponsor of the FIFA World Cup in 2018, which took nearly 100 million euros, about 1 billion yuan.

Hisense appliances reached 7.81 billion yuan in Q1 in 2018, an increase of 16.54% year-on-year. However, the share price of Hisense appliances has declined 13.56% in 2017, and the market value is approximately 2.21 billion yuan, and the dynamic P / E ratio is only 27 times. The market value is 51.8 billion yuan of market value of TCL, and the $ 400 billion market value of the United States and the estimate of Xiaomi 200 billion US dollars is stark contrast.

At present, Hisense Group has a market value of 2.21 billion yuan of Hisense, a market value of more than 1.8 billion Hisense Kelong; Hisense Electric mainly engaged in black and electricity, and Hisense Coron mainly attacks white electricity. The level of capital market value is the confidence of investors to this company.

For the low-market value of the two listed companies, Zhou Houjian, chairman of Hisense Group, Zhou Houjian, Zhou Houjian, and the market value of Hisense is very bad. ”Objectively speaking, Hisense’s enterprises are healthy, Hisense’s market value is not objective. We promote the level of propagation is too bad.”

On June 5, Hisense Group announced the UK’s Hollywood actor Ben Nidic Kangberbach as the latest spokesperson of TV. Previously, Hisense has played a lot of big brains to invest international events, which can be called the number one player of sports marketing. In 2016, the European Cup was sponsored, and Hisense became the first sponsor from the European Cup for 56 years from China. Hisense received 570 million yuan of advertising value; before I sponsored the ANZ, the World Level 1 Tournament F1 Red cattle team.

Industry analysts believe that the above can be seen as Hisense and to push to spread the brand, but the key is still in shock Hisense its industry structure and trends in their business in the Internet. In addition to TCL, several TV companies were not involved in the upper panel industry, panel price fluctuations directly affect the performance.

The analysts pointed out, in particular, pay attention to the effects of the Internet to subvert the traditional TV industry in fermentation, millet television, PPTV, the storm TV still seize share, at the same time, Tencent, Youku have also incoming.

Public information display, Hisense Internet TV subscribers in 2017 was about 30.78 million, of which 25.21 million domestic users, 5.57 million foreign users, domestic Nikkatsu reached 11 million, the average daily viewing time length to reach 296 minutes, pay-on-demand and ad revenue doubling. However, compared to Netflix, Amazon and other Internet video giant online payment rate has reached 85%, overall domestic payment rate of only 10%.

Reported Hisense also take the route OLED, laser big-screen TV and To C; however, To B business accounted for $ 8.3 billion in 2017 net profit 51%; 2017 sales of about 111 billion yuan, an increase of 10.7%, an increase of moderate.

Overseas markets in 2017, Hisense Group as a whole achieved overseas revenue 28.4 billion yuan, an increase of 21.31%. However, through the acquisition of Toshiba, Sharp brand (America) five years away overseas, still face high capital investment and profits, as well as brand awareness overseas degree is not high.

Two, VIVO huge ability to report, an occasion to break through the overseas markets bet the outcome will be divided

Deng Li, vice president of brand vivo has said, ”The World Cup is a brand amplifier, allowing more consumers outside of China know us. But we must understand that if the product itself is not good, so the brand is no amplifier helpful, but it will accelerate the brand’s decline. ”

Relevant statistics show that a company in the world to improve their brand awareness, every 1% increase would require $ 20 million in advertising, but with major sporting events, awareness can be increased by 10%.

According to market research firm Canalys released data show, vivo the 2017 fourth quarter shipments fell 7% market share also dropped significantly, which, millet and Huawei to become a strong rival to sea.

Industry sources pointed out that the face of the rapid expansion of channels under millet line, which makes the channel started to attack much vivo, vivo adopt aggressive pricing strategies, but both the configuration or price does not occupy any advantage, no premium capacity. Domestic encounter bottlenecks to growth in overseas markets started late.

It is noteworthy that, vivo channel model has taken a hit online and channel model with lines, shipments not up to expectations.

Industry analysts believe that money can not buy shipments, sports marketing has input and output balance, more and more low income. High marketing costs for international comparative disadvantage business enterprise, the role of easy ”scant.” The face of the complexity of the overseas markets and the brand recognition is not high, volume is still large-scale vivo. At the same time, vivo moat gradually disappear, carried out under its blind channel line marketing and advertising, product technology and would leave the user retained a firm grasp.

Third, the Youku OTT plan fell through

Sporting events, not to boost sales and is directly responsible for Hisense vivo it; and for video and traffic platform, the good sport that IP and content of scarcity

It is noteworthy that, recently, the World Cup, CCTV will no longer copyright monopoly in their hands, but the new media rights awarded Youku and China Mobile’s microphone cushions video, OTT Internet TV just does not have the right to live.

SARFT notice for the 2018 World Cup matches were played, according to ”Internet TV license holders Operator management requirements” (2011), 181 text requirements, ”Internet TV content services to provide video on demand and text-based information services to users, temporarily to carry out radio and television programs broadcast class service. ”

Thus, for the 2018 World Cup broadcast business, OTT Internet TV platform within the scope of the event does not allow live and delayed broadcast, the game can only provide on-demand service at the end of the event; same time, the Internet TV integrated control platform the review also increased for the World Cup live content containing APP, such as the World Cup contains live content, you may not access.

According to public information, the future of television (ICNTV) is a license shall CCTV and Tencent, the number of oneworld, a joint venture company operations; its resource content together mainly from CCTV, CCTV also have exclusive resources. Users can watch the latest news, exclusive sporting events (such as the Olympics, World Cup, European Cup, etc.), synchronization of CCTV hit TV series, CCTV columns and so on.

Blue whale TMT reporter asked about the matter Youku, a video microphone cushions responsible person, Youku party to the matter temporarily no official reply, while the microphone cushions video propaganda had emphasized to prevail.

In microphone cushions propaganda video May 22, the microphone cushions have emphasized watch live and on-demand content on the World Cup through mobile phones and PC client side, but on the TV set-top box ”magic Pak” live microphone cushions not mentioned function, only that ”you can watch.” Youku had also made a similar publicity, not mentioned in the live Internet TV channels.

So, China Mobile’s microphone cushions video and Youku World Cup live will only be compliance on the platform with a live qualified PC, mobile terminal, or IPTV, CIBN cool meow film and television service, magic Pak, Lynx and other OTT in on the platform, the box and the application can only take the form of on-demand after the game appeared.

Meanwhile, the reporter linked to the future of television general manager Li Ming, the other responded that ”tournament approaching, temporarily convenient to disclose.”

Some industry veteran, said, according to the 181 documentation requirements State Administration of Radio, OTT is not 2018 Internet TV broadcast rights of the World Cup, is to be played on the PC side is mainly in accordance with that microphone cushions, Youku primarily for playback on mobile end and cool meow , OTT has no right to live a certain impact on both.

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