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In 2021, the Xiamen National Fitness Games ”Kangle Jia Cup” five-person football match. Journal of Chen Qijie

  Morning News reporter? Zhou Li

  On November 18th, in 2021, Xiamen flash news of the day City National Fitness Games ”Kangle Jia Cup” five-person football game in Siming District, Tian Tian’s football field is hot, attracting 30 teams in the city to participate. As of November 22, four rounds have been held, and the competition will last until November 28.

  It is reported that this competition is hosted by Xiamen Sports Bureau, Xiamen Sports Association, Xiamen Social Sports Development Center, Xiamen Social Sports Guideral Association, Haixi Morning News, Xiamen Road Bridge Sports Group Event Operation Co., Ltd., Xiamen City Coordination of Si Ming District Football Association.

  With the ball friends? Experience the happiness of sports

  The first round of the first game, from the newspaper team to the war team. The stationed team participated in what is the news update the National Fitness Games this year, and the first battle was defeated with the score of 7: 1, and he would like to ”open the door”. Liu Wei, deputy team leader stationed in the newspapers, I think this is a good sign.

  Liu Wei is a stationer from the southeast network. He told reporters that the football team was established in 2019, an amateur football team consisting of stationed media people, because they love football, they gathered together. The players are from the central radio and television head, Xinhuanet, Economic Daily, Fujian Daily, Fujian TV Station, Southeast Net, etc. They usually participate in the competition, and some achievements have been achieved.

  ”Participating in competitions can communicate with different industries, which can enhance personalball skills, can expand your dating area, and experience todays top news the happiness brought by football.” Liu Wei said.

  Teaches tacit approaches? Seize the first round victory

  The first round of competition, the competition on the other is also very stimulated. Dragon Jinchengyu team battle Jin’an Primary School team, in the first half competition, Longjing Tuo Yu team is in the lower wind in 0: 2, but they are not discouraged, when resting in the midfield, fast reap over half Analyze the advantages of the opponent, find the loss cause, adjust the mentality. In the first half of the first half, the Longjing Tuo Yu team cooperates with tacit understanding, the firepower is full, and successfully kicks 3 balls, and the final victory of this game.

  In another battle, the Platinum team was also unusually exciting against the game of the Yunyu. The Tianyun team consists of a group new top news of 35-year-old players, for them, the biggest pressure comes from physical strength. After a fierce competition, the Tianyu team won the victory of this decentness with the weak advantage of 8:6.

  ”The opponent is very young, with an average age in 20 years, compared to our average 35-year-old ’middle-age group’, more explosive.” Tian Yun team captain Xie Yuxiang told reporters that they can defeat such strong opponents The greatest advantage is that the tacit cooperation between teammates.

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