San Francisco yesterday, today and the future interview with the San Francisco Giants players

”Team grass” Buster – Posey hit in the 30th game of the 4 dozen seats in the election to a 3-hitter walked, ending the first seven games batting slump is only 0.100. He said he would often make some adjustments, regardless of their own state will adjust to upgrade, then go for the game to […]

MLB28 Summary: Kemp Extended Competition Goodbye 绝 绝 Sanchez Fully Cannon Beat Giants

On April 28th, Beijing time, the US Professional Baseball Grand Union conducted 15 games. The results are as follows: Jinyi 2-9 Shuangcheng, Red 3-6 Slim, Sports Home 1-7 Blue Bird, Ray 2-1 Red Sox, Indians 3-4 Space Man (10 Bureau), Pride 8-3 National (10 bureaus), Yangji 6-4 giants, Malinfish 9-12 Philadelphians, winemakers 8-6 Metropolitan, […]

MLB1 Day Summary: Xie Zer War Tiger 14K Grand Valley Xiangping double sound weakly rescue

On July 1st, Beijing time, the American Professional Baseball Grand Alliance conducted 15 games, the results were as follows: Yangji 12-8 socks, Indians 2-0 Jinxi, Royal 7-6 Blue Bird, Bear 6-8 RedPeople, national 2-1 tiger, visitors 2-6 rays, Philadelres 13-6 macarth fish, sailor 1-6 space people, double city 3-4 white socks, pirate 1-2 winemaker, Dodge […]

Red Socks 7-4 Double Kill Locoss Buggts Double Middle Section Current Collective Outbreak On August 29, Beijing time, the Red Sox continued to meet the battlefield team, in the face of poor team, and the red socks defeated the opponent at 7-4, and constantly impact their own external card seat. This game of red socks leads with two two-point gun and an amazing, one degree 5-1 is […]

MLB April Best Player List Form Bablin Jie Li Yeliqi won the best player award

MLB has been opened for a month, and MLB today announced the best player list in April.Due to the Hardworm of the Hao Mai stick, Anderson won the best player of the United States, the highest MVP voice, the highest, Bayinjie, is a force down the season MVP. Best player US League: Tim Anderson, […]

MLB30 Day 30 Team: Guoxinzhong District Zhanxiong and a small bear need to take a bath

MLB entered the spring training, the 201https://www.mlbtrojerdk.com9 season has been unable to help new and old fans are familiar with the status quo of all teams as soon as possible, and launch 30 days 30 team special for reference. Today, the Chicago Winnabar is introduced. Team: Chicago Bear Partition: Guo Sai Central District World Contest […]

MLB column: Space team Cole-Vilanda also fierce Indians lost due to crosses

Text / former China Taipei team, Tianjin Lion Team Pitcher Coach Liu Zhiheng On October 7th, Beijing time continued to stage the US subordinate war, the spaceman sent Grit-Cole and Carlos-Karaceco, and both sides got promoted the team. Strong, making this series more exciting stimuli. Two ace stood on the battlefield of the playoffs, letting […]

MLB27 Summary: Ball 12k Indians Sheng Royal Yangji Kill Blue Bird

On June 27, Beijing time, the US Professional Baseball Grand Union conducted 15 games. The results are as follows: White socks 8-7 socks, blue birds 7-8 Yangji, Royal 3-5 Indians, priests 10-5 Jacques, Dodge 2-8 Snake, Rocky 6-3 Giants, Metropolis 4- 5 Philadelphians (10 bureaus), visitors 4-1 tigers, national 7-5 macarth fish, sportsman 2-0 rocar, […]

MLB7 daily view Frequency broadcast Yang base vs red socks US East Enemy again confrontation

At 7:30 on September 7, Beijing, China continues. Two major giants in the Eastern United States, New York Yangji and defending the World Competition Champion Boston socks will launch the first consensus of the four series of competitions, and both parties will play 15 times this season. Will the video live this game, welcome the […]