2022 World Cup Power List! A team pressed the French residence, Argentina, 4, European champion only 5

This year’s European Cup and the American Cup have ended the competition, and BlogDad is selected for the top ten of the latest strength list of the World Cup in 2022. Among them, Brazil’s Pressure French top, the Americas Cup Champion Argentina is ranked 5th in the 4th, the European Cup champion Italy.

1, Brazil

Brazil can reach the first list of this list, it is visible that the media is still very high for their expectations. Despite the lost to Argentina in the American Cup final, Brazil’s overall strength is still the strongest in South America. Tit led this Samba army, attack and defense, there is Tiago – Silva, Malginios, Kasmiro, Malginios, the frontfinder, the front field S. Even if the door will be positioned, Alidon can’t beaten the first, how strong the depth of Brazil’s lineup is seen. Nair Mal will be 30 years old next year, which may be the last shock World Cup champion in his peak.

2, France

It is very strong in front of Brazil, but it is definitely France. As the champion of the last World Cup, they were also seen as the biggest hot before the start of the European telangana online classes news today Cup, but in the 1/8 finals, they were all sent home by Switzerland. After the game, they were also exposed. As we all know, it is already the old tradition of France in the team. If you can solve this problem next year, then they are still the most popular.

3, England

England is rushed to the third place in this list, I believe that many people are expected. Although the past 2 contests (World wwe smackdown news Cup + European Cup), England has entered the top 4, the European Cup even broke into the final, but the Sansong Legion has given an outside world. They are relying on the benefits of the schedule. So, the feeling of wind is. The young team of England has indeed growing very quickly, but after experiencing the failure of this European Cup final, these teenagers can adjust their mentality, or a big problem.

4, Argentina

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Argentina is definitely on the Katar World Cup, the most expecting team. Messi and his team have won the champion of the Americas in 28 years, which let Messi have a Pampas eagle’s fans. This Argentine team is the most surprisingly, the defensive hardness of their backfield, as well as the essence of the whole team and cohesiveness. Messi, 35 years old next year, will move in the last time.

5, Italy

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As the European Cup champion, Italy is only ranked 5th, and it is not as good as England. Is this confidment of that illusion – Italy is weak? The Blue Clothing Legion is indeed a talented person in the middle of the family, but the injury between the backfield +, I am afraid it will become a hidden danger on the World Cup.

6, Spain

The Spain under Enrick, the European Cup returned to Type 4 and brought a lot of surprises. The bullfighters still have the most gorgeous attack, and the whole team is very young, but the biggest problem is that the striker’s ability to grasp the opportunity, but also to practice!

7. Portugal

This European Cup, Portugal did not enter the top 8 as the defending champion, which is indeed a big fell eyeglass. To know that this year’s lineup is much better than the championship of 16 years. The Qatar World Cup will be a 37-year-old C Roofa final hope.

8, Belgium

Although Belgium ranked first in the world for a long time, they had a lot of competitions, but they didn’t even have access to the finals. Belgian Golden generations have become more and more, they gradually walked down.

9, Germany

Leff under get out of class, Cross withdraw from the national team, Germany finally started the second round of new and old. The last World Cup team is out, it is really shameful for Germany, but next year, it seems that they have to enter 8, the difficulty is still very big!

10, Mexico

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