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August 5, 202 (local time), this is destined to make Barcelona and Messi fans have been sad.

This day is for a variety of reasons, the Spanish Barcelona Football Club announces that Messi will not perform renewal with the team. On August 8, Messi announced the brigade in the Noukamu Stadium, and smashed farewell to the Barcelona Football Club who stayed in the 21st year. On August 10th, the official announced Messi to join Messi, Messi will choose the 30th jersey.

21 contained, Messi became synonymous with Barcelona football in the 21st century. It’s sad, Messi left a few unforgettable memories for Barcelona fans. Let’s review the seat of the world’s superstar, start to tell Messi’s story from the car.

In 1998, a little boy from Rosario, Argentina was diagnosed as a lack of habitant, which is commonly known as ”gnome”. Although this little boy has an amazing football talent, his football team Newway is not willing to pay for a thousand dollars of medical expenses per month for a 11-year-old child, even a few people who are interested in him. The professional team has canceled the idea of ??signing his.

Two years later, the little boy held home to Barcelona. He is only 1.4m high, and the performance of the Barcelona Tsingtong Camp conquered the Queen Training Coach at the time, coach convinced the club, signed this little boy, and provides a treatment plan. No one thought that this little boy then won the Barcelona Club in various events, scored 672 goals and completed 305 assists. This little boy is Lionel Messi.

On February 4, 2004, with the excellent performance of Messi in the Barcelona youth, he finally signed the first professional contract with Barcelona, ??the annual salary of 300 million euros, which means nothing. The team wants him to sign him, and the price of 30 million euros is needed. It can be seen that Barcelona pays attention to him.

In the early days, Messi’s right road activity in Barcelona, ??the time of Messi started, strong explosive, and the combination of people, became a sharp knife of the team, ready to tear off his opponent. From 2005 to 2008, Barcelona had a salary of Messi, rising to 8.5 million euros.

When you are young, Messi, the choice of car is not ”conservative”, the media often takes Messi Driving Fandali F430. Ferrari F430 debuted at the Paris Auto Show in 2004, a replacement model of Ferrari 360 Modena. The F430 has from the F1 racing sector. Due to Michael Schumacher and his Ferrari team in F1’s excellent performance, the Ferrari model is also ”stamped”.

Ferrari will apply more F1 technology on a highway sports car, such as an E-DIFF differential, and a gearbox for F1. Compared to 360 modena, F430 enhances aerodynamics attribute, which has increased by 50%. Under the speed of 200km / h, the lower pressure increased by 45 kg, and this number becomes 85kg at 300km / h.

The classic ”four-eyed taillight” has exceeded exceptions, although it is not so angrily, but gradually evolved from the end of the 1980s to the 21st century. At present, Ferrari F8 and Ferrari 812 are still ”four-eyed lights”, and the updated SF90 and 296GTB are ”four eyes”, so that the circle is gradually weakened.

The interior style is blushing. That era also has a central control screen, a track yellow speedometer, a red start button on the steering wheel and the driving mode adjustment key makes people love. Now the super-running interior style is too depressed!

The F430 is used in the middle rearwatering board, equipped with 4.3L V8 natural intake engine, maximum power 360kW (490 horsepower), peak torque is 465 nm, its 0-100km / h acceleration time is 4.0 seconds, speed up to 315km / h, These numbers have been much higher than 360 modena with a 3.6L V8 engine. After 7 years, F430 was replaced by 458, which is another story.

On April 18, 2007, Messi had a five-person score in the King Cup semi-final, and the performance of Maradorona in the World Cup was copied. This also made people see a new generation. Shadow of the king. In 2008, Guadiola was serialized by the Barcelona team, and the ”dream three” lineup composed of Messi, Harvey, Iniesta and others. It is powerful to beat them with almost no team.

In 2009, Barcelona received an unprecedented ”Six Crown King” in the history of football history. That year Messi has also received the first golden game in his career. At that time, he was only 22 years old and six months, and he became this planet. The first sign of the strongest team.

In the early days, Messi also had a car, which is Maserati Granturismo MC Stradale (hereinafter referred to as ”Maserati GT MC Stradale). Maserati GT MC S is the fastest speed, the most powerful model, the most powerful model of Maserati family. Unlike normal versions, Maserati GT MC Stradale has emphasized the track properties and borrowed many GT4 racing elements.

Compared with Granturismo S, MC Stradale weight loss 120kg, the front and rear load ratio is 48: 52, so that the vehicle is more lighter, so that the body balance is stronger.

Maserati GT MC Stradale equipped with 4.7L V8 natural intake engine with a maximum power of 338kW (460 hp), peak torque up to 520 nm, 0-100km / h acceleration time of 4.6 seconds. Messi is Maserati’s faithful fans, and he has also had a Maserrati Granturismo S.

Rumorful in Messi’s garage, SLS AMG and Papani Huarya, who doesn’t love sports cars? Over time, the young Messi gradually grows into top superstars, and his car is more and more ”close”.

Chasing a boy: also loves running car enough  In fact, several models bought by Messi are still low-key. If you have aware of C Luo, it will find that C-Luo and Messi are becoming a double arrogance, but the former is more boasting, and C Luo even spends millions of Euros to purchase limited level drivers. At this point, Messi’s later car choices are also unexpected.and news

From 2009 to 2012, Messi received 4 Golden Globe Awards in Jess, and his ball skills were more mature. The combination of people had already fired, and the ball and positioning ball level increased, in the football with C Luo The first person occupied the obvious advantage. In November 2012, Messi’s first child was born, gain a win-win situation in the career and family Zhongmei, but he still as humble, low-key. When my father’s Messi chooses a road to Rover, you didn’t listen to the wrong, that is, the Range google recent news articles Rover is extremely light.

In 2010, the Land Rover has begun to form an independent branch of Range Rover, and the Range Rover is the entry-level SUV in the Range Rover series. In the early days, the Range Rover is a small route, first launched three newv versions, quite a cross-boundary style. Highlight the design, plus more close-owned prices, very popular.

A few years later, the Land Rover will continue to launch the Range Rover Evoque Convertible, which is the Range Rover Aurora Convertible, which has become the tide at the time. This car has also imported into China, but nearly 700,000 sales price still makes a lot of people.

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3 doors still can’t be a meal, I really can’t eat, truly push the road to the top and 5 version of the Range Rover Aurora. In 17 years, Land Rover is close to 150,000 in China, and the Range Rover is not good. Sales up, the problem, the quality control has always become a disease, and the road to the rigging is gradually caught in the state of discount and exchange, ”the thick tiger” comes. Messi chooses is also 5 versions. In 2012, Messi’s annual salary has reached 15.5 million euros, which means that a day’s salary can buy a lot of light, you are not surprised?

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It is true that the Range Rover is a problem, but you can’t deny that this car is really good. The interior part is designed, the color is mixed, the material is high-grade, although the central control screen is not easy, but the scientific skills have been in place. How many fires have this car? A manufacturer in China launched ”re-all version” in the first time, and it is also in short supply.

Range Rover 5 门 版 and 3 types of model sharing motivation, divided into 2.0T inquiry four-cylinder turbocharged gasoline engine and 2.2T straight four-cylinder turbocharged diesel engine. Among them, 2.0T gasoline models have a maximum power of 177KW (241 horsepower), peak torque, 340 nm; diesel models are 110kW (150 hp), high power models are 140kW (190 horsepower). In addition, Range Rover Aurora is also divided into two drives and four-wheel drive versions. A few years later, Messi had the second and third children, and the relatively compact Range Rover is no longer able to meet his needs. He also chose Range Rover as a ”outing tool” like many stars.

Audi stretched into the ”puzzle” in Europe, not only the queues of Real Madrid, Bayern, but Barcelona is also one of them. In the past few years, Messi chose Audi R8, Audi Q7, Audi RS 6, Audi A7 and other models, of which Messi likes the Audi Q7.

The first generation of Audi Q7 is a classic, which perfectly creates a million-level luxury car and the image of the Audi SUV flagship. Perhaps, I will open the next part, this is a Audi A6. In the era of Q5, Q7 may be better than BMW X5 and Mercedes-Benz ML. The media often can take Messi driving the picture of the Audi Q7 round-trip training site, compared to other teammates, the super-running ”upstart”, Messi is obviously asked.

On the first generation model, Audi Q7 also launched a V12 TDI version. It is equipped with the 6.0T V12 turbocharged diesel engine, which is assistred in the event department, maximum power 368kW (500 hp), peak torque reaches an amazing 1000 nm, 0-100km / h acceleration time is 5.5 seconds. It seems that this kind of motivation is only more conservative.

Implant Quattro into SUV, 5 meters, V12, flagship, and initial Q7 is a good choice for IKEA. On the conventional model, Audi Q7 has introduced two power, a 4.2L V8 natural intake engine with a maximum power of 257kW (450 hp), and another 3.0TDI V6 turbocharged diesel engine, the maximum power is 171kw (233 horsepower). Subsequently, Messi has also won the SQ7 model from Audi, but Messi seems to be very few.

The model of Messi chooses is not waiting for the leisure, this Audi A7 is also a model that Audi is given to Messi. Audi A7 was hailed as the most beautiful slider, born in 2010. Close to the 5M body, and the wonderful decline curve of the C column conquer countless consumers.

The central control screen that can be lifted is symbolizing high-tech products. Audi A7 not only has a perfect slider, but the interior also creates a simple, luxurious atmosphere. The appearance of Audi A7 made up for A6 and A8 relatively single business attribute, and brought young and stylish colors for family high-end models.

The taillight design of Audi A7 is also an absolute classic. The success of the first generation model seems to be difficult to copy. The taillights look like a A8 lamp group, don’t be in the internal design design, it seems very much like a plurality of lamps that are entangled, the LED is very amazing, not the reputation of the lamp.

The first generation of Audi A7 has launched 4 power. Two gasoline models are 2.8FSI V6 natural inhale engine, maximum power 150kW (204 hp), 3.0TFSI V6 turbocharged engine, maximum power is 220KW (299 hp); Two diesel models were equipped with 3.0TDI V6 turbocharged diesel engine. The maximum power of high-power models was 180kW (245 hp), and the low-power model was 150KW (204 hp). It is a pity that Messi has barely driven after picking up the car.

The last Messi driver we introduced is Audi RS6 Avant, and the generous Audi is a player who can provide RS version to a sponsor team. 10 million euros of performance routing is actually not loved by European stars, thanks, it is worse than the super-running, it is better to use SUV practicality, RS6 Avant is absolutely exception. As a South American Messi, I want to quickly integrate into European life, and a high-performance tile can be essential. In Europe, you can make high-performance tiles, and only Audi is. It seems to be designed with the A6 and there is no two head design, the RS identification of the China network, and the lower quattro exposes its ”nature”.

Simple lines, soothing car tail curves, RS iconic elliptical barrels will be intoxicated. The previous generation of Audi RS6 is equipped with 4.0T V8 double turbocharged engine, the maximum power 412kW (560 hp), 0-100km / h acceleration time is only 3.9 seconds. It is worth mentioning that Messi still likes RS6 very much, at least the number of outsourcing is more than A7.

In the 21-year red-blue career, Messi came to 778 times, scored 672 goals and completed the assistance of 305 times, and won 10 Sijia championship for Barcelona, ??4 Champions League champions, 7 King Cup champion, 8 Spain Super Cup Championship , 3 World Cup Champions and 3 European Super Cups, and win the Golden Award 6 times. In the football world, the World Cup champion is still measuring the legendary superstar to promote the rod of the ball, Messi is close to the World Cup champion, and it is also close. Next year, the World Cup will be held in Qatar. At that time, Messi will be 35 years old, maybe it is his last contest, can win, let people wait and see …

Edit Comment:Like my own car, Messi faces the lens and has always been very low, maintaining humility and hard attitude in career, often people can only see his talented side, but ignore Messi 11-year-old diagnosis ”The loss of destiny, the persistence and desire for each championship. The transfer of Paris, Saint-Germain, is a new beginning to Messi. Messi dedicated to Barcelona to Barcelona in Barcelon, which was Barcelona to make Barcelona. Perhaps there is a regret to life, Barcelona fans please don’t be sad, you still have Messi!

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