24 shot 15, playing the board to kill! Letters brother: I am old, can’t dunk on others.

Bucku is now returning to the right track, after defeating the wasp, the team’s record has been 14 wins and 8 losses. This is the third record of the eastern part. The team also ushered in 8 consecutive victories, this is a direct relationship with the wounded. After all, Now Holledi and Midelton are back, after the return of Dalupez, the performance of the Buck may be better. The player and the wasp were still very co-burning, until the last moment, the victory of the winner https://www.nbatrikots4.com was definitely a letter, and of course Middleton and three-pointers were also very critical.

At the last moment, the letter brother took the ball to rush into the inner line to complete the tag, the alphabetic brother has received 40 points and 12 rebounds 9 assists in 24. After the game, the letter brother has accepted an interview. When I talked about my own quarterly, lethal brother ridiculed himself: ”I am old, I can’t sell the head of others, I have to be smart.” Since the bundle. ” After the core player returned, the strength of this team once again showed it again, and the winning of winning is more.

This season’s Buck is still one of the crown team. This is https://www.maillotbasket6.com unquestionable, the letter brother is still a peak, and from the team’s configuration, although tough Hut Tak is off, but through the transaction Is a very high-quality champion, Grene, Alan, is 14 minutes and 4 rebounds. The three-point ball is 42.9%, and the state of Connon is also very good. Pots is still very high. The player, the character player’s lineup is very good.

Middleton and Holleid are now slowly retrieved. The overall lineup of the buck is not very big and last season gap. Of course, I want to get the championship again is not an easy thing. The eastern part of this season, the strong team is still very much, there is a basket, hot, bull, eagle, and the team, from the past champion, maintain enough health and good lineup, the most likely Win.

Alphabetical brothers now have a lot of honors, two MVPs, and https://www.maillotsbasketfr.com total championships and FMVP, plus all kinds of best lineups, and he is only 26 years old, and the future will definitely get more honors. . The best thing of the letter from the letter brother is diligence, free throws, not practicing free throws, shooting in the basket, I look forward to the life of the Striko can still get good results, and I look forward to the letter brother to get more personal honors.