29-year-old father kills the 6-year-old daughter, the process makes countless people’s hearts and tears: the most poisonous chicken soup is too much, children, can not be a mouth!

Original title: 29-year-old Dad personally killed 6-year-old daughter, the process made countless people’s hearts and tears: the most poisonous chicken soup is too, children, can’t be a mouth!


Author: mother

Source: Drawing La Children’s Art (ID: Hualaa61)


Yesterday evening, when I was working with my child, my nephew suddenly called me, the sound was flustered, slightly crying:

”Aunt, help! My dad said to kill me, then drive me out! You come to save me!”

I heard here, I suddenly panicked, I was afraid to have something, hurry to call my brother.

”Do you say that stinky kid? I let him be old to play mobile phones, have a short look, he fell, I said a word!

I don’t kill him, he has forgotten who is it! ”

Later, after my thoughts, my father and son finally returned to it.

I am very pleased, but I am so lucky after each child is in the mouth.

In the summer of 2018, a 6-year-old girl Hainan has been treated with a miserable thing because of his father.

news new news

Father who was angry, his hand was taking the belt and hanger, and smashed on the weak body of the daughter, just more than an hour.

”Dad, I can’t come …”

The last sorrow of her daughter was lost, but the father who was lost is thought that ”in acting”, the poor child did not dismass.

As a parent, I can understand that this father has a lot of firing when he is in the mouth.

But so that he is so heavy, the child is penalized, and I don’t agree with me.

According to the what’s new today statistics of a child development in the United States, the child with love is about 70%. And Sohu mother and baby have also been a survey,

”When the child grows up slowly, what kind of behavior do you hate the child?”

Among them, more than 75% of parents have chosen ”top mouth”.

It can be seen that, whether in China or abroad, the phenomenon of the child is widely existed, and most parents are very headache for this:

Why do children like a mouth?


current news livePsychologists are generally believed:

”The child’s mouth is from helplessness and confusion. When the parents told the children” don’t ”do something, they feel that their rights have been deprived but they are unable to resist.

I don’t consciously use the back to find a psychological balance. ”

Just n’t soon, my girlfriend is tangled with me, saying that the child is a white raising, I know that I will know that she is a white-eyed wolf once every day.

It later, her son chatted with my child, but I couldn’t help but reveal the voice:

news live today breaking newsMy mom always orders me to do this, I have a saying, she will only say ”no good luck”, then blame I don’t listen.

But why do you have to listen to adults? I have grown up, I also have my own ideas!

Is this scenario I have met?

Sometimes we think about the child, but the more you don’t want to be, you have to sing with you.

Can be actually, the child’s mouth is a growing signal.

When the awareness of the child’s independence, the parents are reluctant to listen, even if they are not willing to respect, they can only pass the language, directly telling new news today parents:

”I don’t accept it!”

In the other case, the child will have a mouth, which is derived from the parent ”kidnapping”.

Parenting expert Ou Mom shared such a case:

One mother privately opened his daughter’s postcard. When I saw it slightly with a discourse, I concluded that my daughter was in love, so I rushed to the child and questioned her.


”How can you remove my envelope!”


”You said, is it a boys? Are you inappropriate!”


”What is the boy, isn’t it? You just dismantled my letter, that is, infringe on my rights!”


”I am your mother, I have the right to demolish, just dismantled!”

This sentence is completely ignited to the gunpowder barrel hidden in the mother and daughter.

The daughter ”” is walking, and it has been missing for a few days.

In the final analysis, it is the concept of the enthusiasm of the parents:

”I am your mother (dad), there is a right to know everything.”

”I do this is for you.”

However, do you really have a child?

Obviously it is not possible.

Always a tone of tone, always a high high appearance, always feel that you are right, do not accept any refuters.

If you change, it is the company’s leadership, can you accept it calm and accept?

That change, you think so, how do you count on your child?

Therefore, with its end to the end, it is better to produce a bigger separation, it is better to say ”no” from the beginning.

After all, the best education method is to respect each other, and the status is equal.


I have done a study in Princeton University:

Children in the ages of five are divided into two groups, and a group usually likes the top mouth, the resistance is strong, and the other is usually smooth, and the resistance is weak.

turn out,

Among the children with strong resistance, 80% have been independently judged.

Among the children with a weak resistance, only 24% of the people can actually act, but independently judging the ability of things is still weak, often needs to rely on others.

In other words, the more the child will grow, the greater the growth space, and will become an independent person, and is this not what we expect?

As the psychologist Angelica, Dr. Fas said:

The argument of the separate people is an important step in the way to the adult.

Every conflict is the opportunity for children’s growth. They have obtained the ability to analyze problems and solve problems in argue, and gradually understand how to express their will and ideas.

The great spouse Bibi, from Xia him is a child who loves the mouth, and even the coach Luo Ke, Romeo once said,

”I have taught various types of children, but I have never encountered a boy who dares and my mouth.

When a teenager, Kobe is not very listening to him. When training, he often does not listen to the guidance from the coach, and wants to join his thoughts.

However, the coach also attaches great importance to his suggestion, and it is often communicated with him privately.

”Different” of the two people, also inspire Kobe to grow rapidly, helping him to master skills faster, become independent, confident, and ultimately become a generation of superstars that affect countless people..

If the child nevers the mouth, the parents say that they are listening to megadownload megadownload megadownload megadownload megadownload megadownload megadownload megadownload megadownload megadownload megadownload megadownload megadownload megadownload megadownload megadownload megadownload megadownload megadownload megadownload megadownload megadownload megadownload megadownload megadownload megadownload megadownload megadownload megadownload

When you are allowing your child to your mouth, they need to keep your parents in a short period of time, which undoubtedly exercises the child’s logical thinking and expression.

In the end, the parents and children will not only communicate through the top, but also express their dissatisfaction or doubt, not the heartmanship.

All in all, children learn to be a good thing, parents don’t have to worry too much, this is the need to grow up healthily.


However, although we should accept the kids of the child, it doesn’t mean that it will be brought to self-flow, let the ”leap” that they will endeavers.

How do you avoid children to become such a? Let’s try this to guide them:

First, control your emotions, listen to your child’s ideas

When the child is in the mouth, the most taboo is the tultime of the parents, because the child is either a fear, but the grievances do not dare, or just like a little hedgehog, see who is tied.

So you may wish to control your emotions first, ask what the reason why the child is not willing to promise, and it is no longer a discounted solution.

Once, I urge the child to go to the elimination class, but the child said:

”Don’t go, don’t go!”

I didn’t think it’s not very correct. The child’s performance was a bit abnormal, and she walked to her room and found that she was lying on the bed.

I gently opened the quilt, asked her what happened, the child suddenly became red, said that when I was in class yesterday, the little boys at the same table have been bullying her, and she also grab her eraser.

At that moment, I found out that the child’s sentence ”is not”, contains so many things.

If she was a big thunder, my child would definitely be more wronged.

So, please parents keep in mind that Socrates said:

Nature gives us a mouth of human mouth, two ears, that is, let us listen more.

Listening is to deal with the child’s mouth, the most direct effective measures are also given to the child a correct demonstration, before the ”top mouth”, must wait patiently after listening to others.

Second, like friends with children equally

Parents who love to teach, under ordinal, children prefer parents who can communicate like friends.

Many times, parents will habitually communicate with their anxiety and impatience.

For example, when the child gets up, complaining:

Still can’t afford the bed, what? Be late at class! ”

However, if the transformation statement:

”Small lazy worm should get up, otherwise you will harm your mother to work late ~”

Let your child think about it, and their contradict psychology will have a lot.

Or, tell the child to order him to brush your teeth, but said:

”We can tell the story after brushing the teeth ~ Which story you want to listen to today?”

In this way, the effect will be much better.

When parents communicate with their children, the attitude is alleviated, and there is fun, the child is easier to listen to.

When the child heard in his parents, it is no longer ”trouble”, less ”command” feeling, they naturally be more calm and talk to you.

Perhaps, for parents, the child’s mouth is right and even a loss of authority for people.

But the child does not belong to us, and it is even more necessary to listen to us.

Even if your parents are reluctant, their growth will eventually come.

Then we are better to prepare first, don’t put a high high appearance, but take the initiative to bend the waist and low words, really accompany your child to grow together!

Point [Looking], the best education method is to respect each other, the status is equal!

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