3 big forward! The integrated strength, Ibi and Villa are not as good as him?

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I am suitable for the truth of Ma Yun or the road to the horse. I am suitable for the test of Qinghua or suitable for the Northern University? This is not suitable for problems, but I can’t do it.

Like the Chinese football head, it is the same.

Do you ask Chinese football to Cristiano Ronaldo Jerseytake the road to the football? Do you want to see how the national foot is usually playing?

After you can do it, you will talk about it, otherwise, you can’t do it, you don’t do it, is it Lionel messi Jersey meaningful?

What is the converge of football?

My understanding is to get the World Cup and the European Cup During the period of the Spanish team or the universe team, like Harvey, Iniesta and Banskitz, with delicate transmission technology, very strong running Ability, there is also a good general view and reading competition, let Spain team and Barcelona use the transaction football system completely prescribed opponents.

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If you don’t have these advantages, what do you want to transmit? Wadget 10 meters long, how to control the ball? The effort to pass the ball shot is stupid and unclear, how is it? The teammates run out of the neutral file, you choose to return, is this possible?

Our national football team, even the basic skills Kits Football Kits and physical fitness are not too close, do you ask the national football firm?

Just like a person even the exam content of the examinations, are you tangled in him to test the Qinghua or the University of Peking? This is exactly more. Do you think the national football team can also take the 2022 World Cup? Welcome to discuss together.

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