3 hosted 1 point! Manchester United status is worrying, fans: European finals are there, don’t be too waves.

Recently, three consecutive leagues, Manchester United 1 flat 2 losses, only 1 point. If such a result appears in the medium season, the Solskia probably has to fall into the probabilistic swirls of the get out of class. But the current reality is that Manchester United has been locked in advance 4, and now the 2nd there is no worries, and the European Union Cup finals started next week. Therefore, is Manchester United to adjust the status or pure is the state of state? In any case, such a record in three consecutive games, such a spiritual look, Manchester United’s final performance is really worrying.

1-2 Listed to Leicester City, Manchester United Room has been replaced by 10 people, and there is a failure. However, in the face of the enemy of Liverpool, the endurance of the enemy, the leader of Manchester United, and finally ushered in Liverpool’s stuffy, 2-4 defeated. If you use fans, it is: ”If you lose the leggings, you are waiting to see Liverpool’s jokes. I didn’t expect the clown to be myself.”

After 5 days, the home on the except for the Dowy of Marcel, in addition to the injury, Manda, Manda, in addition to the main force. Results Manchester United in the case of the first half of the ball, the second half kicked ”health football”, and finally slammed the score by Fulham.

After reading this ball, the fans have different reactions. Some think that in this case, save physical hitavada newspaper news today strength and strive for the European Union Cup is the right idea; but many fans are worried about Manchester United now ”too waves”, the European Union Cup wants to adjust to the best state is a bit difficult.

In fact, the fans are all rationale, who doesn’t want to see their home team, kick out beautiful football, win the game. However, in the league has completed the task, the European Cup champion is close to the feet, you expect Manchester United players to go all out, and force every opportunity, this is not realistic. What if I was injured before the final? At the time, it is necessary to attack Solskia, accusing that he still let the main players full of the whole audience in the case where the league is not desirable.

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We only need to know that Mandian’s group of players are occupational. Solskia sees many finals during the Red Devils, and he knows when he should pay for it. We also believe that they can switch to the best mode before the finals, and force the championship.

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But most of the fans is worried about the back line. I used to question Maquier’s strength and thought that he could not be able to come up with the captain’s armband, but after losing it, he knew him important. After Maquier injured, his value was completely high. There is at least one level in Madon, Manchester United. At the critical moment of the finals, it is still more wrong, and more robust defensive can bring the championship.

Nowadays, Marcel is tripurainfo news fully conducting rehabilitation training, and strives to return to the Europeani Cup final, but this time the injury also made Manchester United see the short board of the back line. Vandick’s injury make Liverpool turn directly from the battle team to four teams, so Manchester United needs to consider strengthening the problem of Zhongwei allocation in this summer, avoiding the strength of Maques after the facts.

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