3 The coach saved to Rabio! White Borga has been completely indulging, and the winter is closed, Juventus

Beijing time on November 2, according to the Italian media football market, although Juventus supported Rabio, he got a lot of play opportunities, but the performance of Rabio was in the event of Juventus. Now, Juventus fans have been enough to Rabio. At the same time, Juventi coach Alegi also believes that Rabio can take a leather.

The media also said that Juventus will listen to Rabio quotes in the winter, and even take the initiative to sell Labio, now the British Newcastle Federation is the potential home i want the news of Rabio. Obviously, Alegi is not to him, which makes Rabio I will leave Juventus in the winter.

Now, when Ju Wen hopes to sell Drabio, this also means that Rabio, who is known as white Boger, has been completely indulge, Juventus’s 3 coach will not save Rabio.

Before, due to Rabio and Paris Saint-Germain, he was dropped to the stand, and finally leaving the big Paris with the free body, joining Juventus. When Rabio came to Juventus, Rabio was obviously uncomfortable. It was unable to find a game,www new com his talents have gradually disappeared.

First, the Juventus coach of Rabio is Sauri. In Surrey, Rabio came to 37 times, and individuals only entered 1 goal, sent 1 assists, his performance did not have a difference. Under Pierlo, Rabio’s data was 47 times, and individuals scored 5 goals, completed 3 assists, and the same endless. Now, under Alegry, Rabio’s performance has no improvement. After he has played 9 games, only 1 ball 0 help.

It can be seen that after the 26-year-old Rabio is Out of google breaking news Juventus, he only has a performance of 6 goals, which is obviously not to meet the requirements of Juventus. Yes, with the goal, the assists will measure the role of a player, which is not too objective. But you have to know, the current Rabio, his field performance is proportional to its own data. Because Rabi he is in Juventus, it is like a scattering, it is not active, and it is not active. It is always lazy. It always returns to teammates. This is the true performance of Rabio in Juventus, not obviously do not work, no Winning beliefs, nothing with Juventus.

In fact, Juventus has given a Pabio opportunity, but Rabio does not voluntarily, has been in a negative competition, there is no progress, it is true to Juventus. Therefore, Rabio finally left Juventus, which can only blame himself without entering the heart.

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