35 million Europe! Cheli wants to smastern, Lampad vowed to win the Heroes

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Original title: 35 million Europe! Cheli wants to smastern, Lampad vowed to win the Heroes

According to the ”Daily Mail”, Chelbi, recently, in contact with india news online Juventus, Chelsea told Juventus, they want to introduce 25-year-old Rabio, Chelsea is willing to provide a 35 million EU Quotation, Juventus said that Juventus is willing to get Rabio through the exemptable way, and the latest worth of Rabio shows 28 million Ou, Chelsea hopes to introduce Rabio enhancement team Middle field thickness

In order to win the Premier League champion of this season, Chelsea gives the coach Rampad’s support is all, it is to breaking news now india provide the most suitable player for Lampad. Now Chelsea’s midfielder is still a little bit. A player who has certain confrontation, but at the same time, there must be a player who has been promoted, so in order to solve this problem, in order to solve this problem, it is also welcome to introduce Raboio. Pad also thinks that Rabio is relatively suitable for Chelsea

Chelsea is now in the forefront of the standings. Under the lending of Lampad, Chelsea has a smooth cross-the-race period, and now the balance between the two ends of the attack, for Lampad, he is this season. One of the goals is to help Chelsea re-won the Premier League champion, while Lampard has reached the time when it is latest news in english interviewed, he is very confident in helping Chelsea gets the Premier League champion.

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