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At 17:00 on August 11, Beijing time, Paris Saint-Germain club held a press conference for Messi at the Prince Park Stadium.

In front of Messi, there was a large number of fans outside the prince park, they shouted ”Messi, Messi” waiting for the arrival of the Argentine. In Paris Saint-Germain official microblogging, go to newsthere are more than 100,000 people to watch the live broadcast of the launch in real time.

At around 17:00, Messi wear a shield debut.

He refused the 10th jersey, and chose the number when the Barcelona was chosen, and the new season will wear a 30th garment. But at this moment, he didn’t even wear a jersey, but a suit with a suit. Three children next to him are put on the jersey in Paris.

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It is reported that Messi has signed a 2 + 1 contract with Paris, named Romano, said Messi’s post-salary of 35 million euros.

At the press conference, President Seonar, Paris, Paris, welcomed Messi, ”I am very happy that Paris can sign us with Messi, this is the historic moment of the club. Everyone knows who Messi, he is only one The person who got 6 Golden Games, he has achieved countless unbelievable achievements. ”Senel said that it is incredible and historic moment to sign the club with Messi. ”Messi’s arrival makes the club have a bigger ambition, and he will bring us a lot of wonderful changes.”

Messi also said that the feelings after Join Paris: ”I am very happy to come here, you know how I left Barcelona, ??where to spend so long, this decision is very difficult.”

”But I am here, I am very happy, I started to enjoy the time in Paris from the first minute. I came here because Paris is a more ambitious club, I believe we will like this decision. ”

”I have been very enthusiastic, which makes me feel unbelievable, I can’t wait to start working with my teammates. I hope to continue to win the champion, this is the reason I came here.”

Messi also talked about the problem with Mbpe and NeMal, ”This is too crazy, I am really happy! And two of them, with the entire team, this is hard to believe. I am very I want to train, participate in the game, because I will play with the best players, this is an incredible experience. ”

Regarding when to complete the first show, Messi said: ”I don’t know the truth, I just ended the holiday, I chatted with the coach yesterday. Maybe I need a quarter preparation process. I am willing to start training, I hope I can Going as soon as possible. But I don’t have to give you an accurate answer. ”

Everything happened last week is very strange … very difficult, emotional fluctuations are great. I can’t forget life and energy in Barcelona, ??but I am also happy for new life. I am very happy now.

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