4-1! The Champions League-Army double kill black horse, the Yingzhao 4 big giants are unbeaten: Liverpool is out, Manchester United?

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At the early morning of November 4, Beijing time, the four rounds of the Champions League group played in the group, and Manchester City met Bruges. In the end, Manchester City 4-1 successfully wins and the first of the group with 9 points. In addition, Liverpool and Chelsea wins, Manchester United achieved a single, and the Tuan Yingshi four giants took 3 wins and 1 flat and remains unbeaten.

Last season, Manchester City entered the Champions League final, but missed to Chelsea, missed the first champion of the team. The new season, Manchester City is coming, and it is considered to be the second to win the top. The most popular is the big Paris, and the two teams were divided into the same group.

In the new today previous three-round group competition, Manchester City defeated Leipzig, lost to the big Paris, and defeated the Bruis, the second, the second, the backward rankings, 1 point, leading the third cloth Lute 2 points, accounting for the initiative of the wiring.

In the first half of the first all india newshalf, Cansoselo was transferred to Zuo Road, and Ford was helped to help Manchester City 1-0 lead. After 2 minutes, the door didn’t fartak Edson, and Dkatlais was transmitted in the penalty area, and the hit Sandes broke the door, Manchu Wulong ball, the score became 1-1.

The second half is 53 minutes, Cansielo today news in eng will send a assists, Macheres heads, helping Manchester City 2-1 lead. In the 71st minute, Sterling was broken. In the 91st minute, I was adding flowers on the heat to help the team 4-1 locked the victory.

On another game, Liverpool defeated the horse stuck at home, obtain four consecutive wins in the group competition, and set the head name in advance, and wandered two rounds in advance. Other teams google new india from the team include Bayern Munich, Juventus and Ajax

In the previous game, Manchester United and Chelsea leader. Chelsea relies on the only goal of Ziejiji, 1-0 to defeat Marmer, and complete the double kill, win 9 points, the second, advance to the next round of knockout.

It is also the way to operate. Two backwards, the Portuguese superstar C Luo continued to equalize the score, and finally 2-2 packed a bitter and took 1 point of Atlanta, accumulated 7 points to continue the group first, accounting for the initiative of qualifying .

After the fourth round of the group, Liverpool, Manchester United and Manchester City ranked first in their respective groups, Chelsea ranked second in the group.