4 choice 1! Bayern locks Arabic successors, the smallest 17 years old, the biggest person is only 23 years old

Allaba is free to pass after the contract announcement today is expired. This can be hungry, left defender, and even defensive midfielders. Multi-faceted hands, for the Bayern’s afterlife, a non-small loss. Bayern is focusing on the line of defense this summer, in addition to introducing at least one new Zhongwei, I hope to reinforce in the left back guard.

According to the latest report of ”Sports Picture”, Bayern has set up the four major goals of the left and guards of the summer, three people come from the Germans, one from bre4aking news the English crown. They are Stuttgart’s Borna Sosa, Bremen, Malco, Friedel, Berlin Kaha, Austria, Alice, and Oemal Richards of Reading. Borena Sosa was 23 years old. In 2018, Borna Sosa will join Stuttgart from Zagreb Dynam, and cost is 6 million euros.

In the 19/20 season, I opened 1 ball to send 3 assists, and the new season team played 17 games, and most of them were first assists, they have contributed four assists. Borena Sosa shows a breaking news now india certain assists in the sidewalk, there is a small tactical status in the team, but the top of the club is still willing to discuss the transfer of Borna Sosa, against the left defender of this Croatia. The psychological price is around 20 million euros. If the offer is not reached, the club is director in Misnd Tatt refuses to negotiate.

Luca-Nez is the smallest age in these four major people. It is only 17 years old. This season has been played 6 times in Berlin Herita this season. 4 of them appeared in 191 minutes. Laka-Nez is one of the best left-guard players in Germany, Bayern has been closely paying attention to this young teenage.

There is also a player from the Del Affinity is Malco, Friedel, is currently not bremen, from Bayern Qing training, but fails to stand in the first line, and bought after being leased by Bremen. It is 3.5 million euros. In the 19/20 season, I walked 32 games for Bremen, and I handed over 2 goals 4-help data. The new season was played for the team. All the first fidelity is one of the regular starting players of the team lineup.

Malco Friedel was selected for the national team of Austria, which showed his bright eyes, and was known as the Normali Guard of the Austrian national team. Although I have transferred not Lei, I set a repurchase terms when I started the contract, and Bayern had the right to choose to pay in the team with 10 million euros.

Omar Richards is also 22 years old. It is a member of England youth national team. In addition to Bayern, Many teams in Premier League have also been concerned about this local new star.

At present, the left-guard position Bayern has Lucas-Ernande, daily new india Alfonso-Davis, and almost determined Allaba. The top of the club thinks that Lucas-Ernande’s future will be more in the role of Kingwang, so I hope to introduce a new left guard to serve as the replacement role of Afugeo-Davis. The four major people selection have been determined that the summer worship will make the final judgment, thus chasing one by one, hoping to have something to get.

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