42 points 12 board 5 help! Lakers 3 giant hair, half a leading piston 3 points, Stewart 5 + 4

The NBA regular season Lakers met the Presses. This game has received much attention. When the last time handed, the Pistons of the Pistons were conflict with James. After the two games, they were banned, which was this layer of grievances. What sparks https://www.basketballtrikotde.com
will be erased when both sides are playing again. At this game, Stewart started to debut, suffering from the Spicker fans, but both sides were still very calm, did not have a high-gun anti-drug confrontation, but the game was very co-burning, and the two sides showed the saw. Battle, the first half competition, the score has been bitten very tight.

In this game, Woger did not adjust the first, Wei Shao, Bradley, James, thick eyebrows and Xiaordan, still a traditional lineup, perhaps Viguel pays attention to the inner line, and don’t want to make the eyebrows The 5th position, so I have been using such a set of lineups, but interesting is that this season is now, the lake’s starting lineup is -18.9, and 3 points of the hit rate is only 12.5%, which fully explains, such a first configuration Very poor, and there is no https://www.maillotsbasketfr.com external shooting space and ability. But Woger still believes in his choice, and once again let the Lake people have encountered a huge challenge.

After the opening, Wei Xiaomou has caused a penalty for a foul 1, but then the Lakers continue to attack, and the piston team is in front of the throne, and the score is rewritten as 7-1, and Woger was Forced to suspend adjustment, after returning, the eyebrows began to start in the offensive end. He continued to score the Lakers to catch up to 9-9, but the team’s overall attack did not open, although the bursts of the buffer were cut 23 points, but the Lakers team Until the last moment of the last time, the 3 free throws in the eyebrows were tightly leading with 23-21.

The second-day competition, Walle opened the five small lineups of Rigns, Elington, Anthony and James, trying to use this set of capposition to speed up the attack and kick the space, but open their continuous mistakes, offensive effects It is not satisfactory, the two sides are deadlocked again, the score is alternate, after the basket of Dialo, the piston is leading 33-32, the Lakers are suspended and replaced and replaced on the two main lines of Xiaordo, and the lake continuously hit the basket. For a foul, with James hit 3 points, the Lakers got a lead in 40-33, but then they did not prevent the piston counterattack, the champion, Chan Ningan and Grant string, the team was 9-0 with 42-40, Since then, the two sides will fall into the knot, and the basket is playing, and Wei Shao continues to be in the middle, but the score has not been able to open. At the end of the half, Wei Shao’s layup helped the Lakers with 51-48 lead 3 points.

The entire first half, the Lakers’ attacks are concentrated on the 3 giants. 3 people teamed up to cut down 42 points 12 rebounds 5 assists, James 8 shot 5 in the 15 points https://www.maillotsbasketfr.com 3 rebounds 3 assists 1 steals, Davis 9 shot 5 Cut 13 points 5 rebounds, Wei Shao 8 shots 5, cut 14 points 4 rebounds 2 assists, 3 people’s offensive efficiency is good, but other teammates have contributed very much, 7 people added only 9 points to pay! The piston team, Grant Contribution 16 points 5 rebounds 3 assists excellent, Stewart 5 points 4 rebounds 1 assists 1 cover, the whole half, he is avoiding James, both sides are directly opposite, he changed to the top Defensive James, the latter 3 points out, while other rounds, both sides have never encountered a piece.