61 + 15 + 17! Harden finally standed out, Durant still spoken, Nets found a suitable lineup

The basket online has a poor performance, and it is over to the second sun after the second sun. Harden’s state undulation is indefinite to become the largest hidden danger of the Net. In the face of the same city team Knicks, the basket network is bound to retrieve the status of the Nick. Anti-view Niks, the bull is old to return Rose, Gibson and the team in Nord, Knicks’s strength, and this also brings a lot of pressure to the Net.

The League of Beardon, which has been opened, can https://www.basketballtrikotde.com
be opened, and COTON has changed a bad feeling. Today, the hand is bursting, he will hold 14 points in the first 18 points in front of the team, the basket network in Harden The climax of a wave of 19-4 is thoroughly reversed, the second-game https://www.maillotsbasketnbafr.com competition, Rose began to send it, he not only can send a lot of money, led the Nicks to constantly indent the score, the offensive efficiency of the basket net is stagnant. Before, Knicks took the team to complete the anti-superchard under the offensive of Landel and Burks.

In the second half, the Knicks attack suddenly stagnant, the other side Durant and Mills fire all open, the basket network is completely opened with a wave of 14-0 offensive, but they have a slight relax in the third section of the third section. Landel, Fuiye tribute to a wave of 16-4 reduction points, the end of Burks, Quick Sli continues to remain output, Knicks in one fell swimming, no hunger, Durant more winning, ”Death God Du ”The last section has been 11 points, although Fu Kiya three points equalize the score, but James Johnson finally kills Knicks https://www.maillotbasket6.com through the break of the ball. Finally, the basket is dangerous.

In terms of data, the Knicks generals Landel 22 shoked 24 points and 9 rebounds 8 assists, the start of the Burks 21 Vortex, 9, get 25 points, 5 rebounds, 5 assists, Fu Niye 12 shot 5 13 points, the fourth-quarter-in-life, a ranking of the competition, the three points, but unfortunately, the ball was thrown. Subject to the Rose 13 contribute 16 points, 5 rebounds 9 assists, Kuiji 11 shots 4 to get 12 points and 7 rebounds 2 assists.

Basket network, Harden hit the level of itself, 20 voted 11 explosive cut 34 points 10 rebounds 8 assists 3 steals, Durant 23 shot 9 in the 27-point 5 rebound 9 assists, two Net core total Get 61 points 15 rebound 17 assists. Mills took 10 points and 2 rebounds 2 assists in 4 in 4, and the Thomas of the substitute was taken 12 points.

Harden today’s performance is https://www.maillotsbasketfr.com surprised. The game of Harden 30+ this season has little less, which is in the same year’s head in the Rockets. Today, Harden first started to attack, which also founded Harden. The first half entered the rhythm of Harden, he also got 28 points in half. Durant acts in the first half as a no-ballistic, the hit rate is straight line. However, the last section of Durant took the ball and took the ball, and finally won 11 points, and successfully born to James Johnson created the rule of the penalty.

The Nets also found a set of anti-defense comparative lineups in this competition. In the key fourth game, the Nets played a very good effect through this lineup. This lineup is Harden, Benbury, Durant, James Johnson and Ade. The active defense of this Bryi and James Johnson is the key to this lineup defense. Attacks, you have to count https://www.nbatrikots4.com on Harden and Durant and Aude. This is the best in the Net. It is best for a set of lineups, etc.