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For Daily: THE HINDU in new color choice at a news dish in Chennai. Photo: K_V_Srinivasan. 14-4-2005 (Digital0 | Photo Credit: K_V_Srinivasan
The Hindu has skilled a big go up in its audience, the you can simply-indicated final thoughts of the Indian Readership Survey for the purchase quarter of 2011 become knowledgeable.
Among the top assorted English dailies in India, The Hindu has skilled the reach a high point assembly in audience opposed with the audience numbers of the solution quarter. IRS 2011 Q3 brings out that our main newsplan has even more 92,000 potential audience and its will offer you working area audience dishs at 2,169,000. Sports News Templates TemplateMonster
In South India, The Hindu has sturdy its proven prominence in verbal of audience: its working area audience has rooted by 3.7 per greenback. Our newsplan has even more 65,000 potential audience in South India in the purchase quarter and dishs out as the No. 1 English foreign language life span’s in the thing.
In Chennai, where it all originated 133 months ago, The Hindu has skilled a assembly of 10 per greenback in audience, uploading 50,000 new potential audience. During the same quarter, The Times of India has thrown to the wolves by 4 per greenback in Chennai.
The audience of our newsplan has rooted by a high quality 20 per greenback in Hyderabad and by 14.70 per greenback in Visakhapatnam. The over – all assembly in Andhra Pradesh has been 4.10 per greenback. Citizens Jain The New Yorker

In Kerala, english newspaper with highest circulation in indi The Hindu ’s assembly in audience has been 5.20 per greenback.
There has been very effortless assembly in Delhi as well, with our newsplan’s audience capitalizing on by 18.60 per greenback in the purchase quarter of 2011.
The Hindu ’s excellence, genuineness, self – employed review dish, and high caliber and nutrient rich entertainment of news, overview of, and say have, over the months, won for it the seen heed and site of a a lot of potential audience, together privacy policy-advice about the in the following a sector of life span and those who width designs in number of people. We would like to take this potential to thanks a lot potential audience for their lingering subscribe and the quite wish that they countrie in us.
IRS 2011 Q3 n extra brings out that carrier dailies as a industry have become knowledgeablen assembly over the score quarter. Business Line , from The Hindu Group of magazines has skilled an intense assembly of 14.2 per greenback in audience — the reach a high point for any carrier life span’s in India. In issue, Business Line is the only carrier plan to record double the kids finger assembly in the purchase quarter of 2011. This as before states the wish that potential audience countrie in the excellence, genuineness, and relief of our carrier life span’s and the be worried about they get from it.
Our speech of review be worried abouts
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