8-0! The defending champion advances in advance into the World Cup + 44 years of miracle, 160 million superstar crazy performance

Beijing time November 14th 03:45, the World Cup European Qualifiers were the 9th round of the world, the world’s ranked third French hosted Kazakhstan. In the first half, Mbpe completed the hat trick; the second half, Ben Zemma opened the second degree, Rabio, Gleszmann, Mbpe again. In the end, the French team 8-0 wins Kazakhstan, advance to the World Cup in advance!

In the 6th minute, Benzema stuffed, the bottom of the Turki left, the triangle back, Mbpe side shot! France 1-0 lead!

In the 12th minute, Camoman easily wiped the attacking door, then the low flat ball was transmitted, Mbpe gave a empty door! France 2-0 lead!

In the 3rd minute, Caman is relaxed in the ball, the Mbpe breaking news today head ball into the front news todays of the ball! France 3-0 lead!

In the face of Kazakhstan, Mbpe, who is 160 million euros, is far more than several times the total number of opponents. The half of the house has not yet ended, and the 22-year-old Super superstar completed the first hat trick of the national team career, and it was also the first French player in the world in nearly 36 years. Of course, he is also the youngest player of the French team to enter 22 goals.

In the 55th minute, Speavas broke through the left, Ben Zema bags were put into the net! France 4-0 lead!

In the 59th minute, Mbpe got a super single knife, but Choosing selflessness, Ben Zema laughing! France 5-0 lead!

In the 75th minute, Glezman opened the right corner, Rabi District, the middle current news of the road, headed, gain the national team! France 6-0 lead!

In the 84th minute, Glenzman fell and personally fed a penalty; the 87th minute, Diabi assists, Mbpe relaxed to complete the big four!

In the end, the French team 8-0 wins Kazakhstan, refreshed the record of the World Cup in the world’s pre-match, while launching a World Cup finals in advance.

The French team, which is the defending champion, shows 4 wins in the rules of the defending champion, and the 7 rounds of war will be 4 wins and 3 pellets. 2022 Qatar, we look forward to ”Gaul Slock” can contribute more exciting performances.

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