AC Milan wants to be white formerly gold children! Dannarua is the first to go through the first! Not for money? too fake

According to the latest news of Spanish Media ”Daily Sports”, AC Milan hopes that this gnews englishsummer can take a free sign, and the Easto, the Sino-Mid-Farm, Mid-Mid-Field, but Real Madrid does not want to let go of this former goldbot. .

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The Red Black Legion is still in the transfer market, and an offensive player who is suitable for the AC Milan is the most exciting candidate.

Since multi-party news shows that Real Madrid is very necessary to mitigate the financial dilemma by mitigating the club payload, and the club relationship between Milan and Real Madrid is always very good, so the Red Black Legion has passed information to Real Madrid. I hope that the Galaxy warship will take free to Western Middle Field Iso, so that AC Milan can sign this former it’s breaking newsgoldbat.

However, several media have disclosed in recent days, although Royal Madrid plans to leave the team in this summer transfer window, but the Galaxy warship is not willing to imitate Pasa, in order to clean the player, choose the zero price transfer, and 29-year-old Spanish midfielder and statusstillnew update news todayKeep it very nice.

The midfield is not able to get it, and the Hong Kong Legion will take the door of the big Paris to Donar Ramama this summer, and recently accepted the interview with Italian Media ”Rome Sports”, it refers to the Red Hand, and during the interview This summer leaves AC Milan.

Dana Rome responded: ”I have been in AC Milan for 8 years.india news com today I feel that I need to make changes, but I have to say, I am always AC Milan’s fans. Leaving the Red Black Mission is just to continue Growth, Paris Saint-Germain club has different goals. In Paris, I can play with a lot of more great players, and the world’s best player, I also want to be the best player, here can continue to move. ”

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