After 11 years, the European Union Cup ran welcomes Chinese players! Wu Lei’s new season, come on!

Qianjiang Evening News · Hour Journalist Zong Qianqian

In the early hours of the morning, the second round of the European Union Cup were staged, and the Spanish came from 2: 2 draws Lu Gusk Solia. In the first round game, the Spanish home 3: 1 reversed Solia. In this way, Spaniards have successfully advanced to the European Union Cup in total score, and Chinese players Wusi’s new season will also participate in the European Counterattack competition.

At the end of the season, Wu Lei led the team to break into the European Union Cup. It is possible to enter the Euro Cup Race. The Spaniards have passed 2 rounds of qualifications and 1 round of surcharge, and the main customer has six games, and three opponents have been eliminated.

These 6 games, Wu Lei scored 1 goal, sent 1 assists, and manufactured 1 tablet.

Wu Lei is a substitute in the top three, and the substitute appearance time is getting thinner and late, respectively, in Section 54, 65 and 71. The next two games have been put on the game in the case of the Spanish already 2: 0 leads.

In the 4th game, it is the third round of the qualifier, and the Spanish is 3 to 0 to win Luchen. Wu Lei finally came to the front, and after 3 minutes of launching team, the headband lightning was broken, and the personal first eu-war scored, and the Chinese player was once again broken in the European War.

The first round of the surcharge, the start of Wu Lei, and made a penalty, also sent a assists, and the performance is quite eye-catching.

At the early morning, the additional race, Wu Lei, the 73rd, replacement of Ferrera.

This is the Spanish time after 12 years of returning to the European Union Cup. The Spaniards will be traced back to the 2006-07 season last time. At that time they broke into the finals all the way in the Alliance Cup, but they were missing from Seville.

For Chinese players, it is also waiting for many years. The last Chinese player appeared in the European War Race, or the 2010-11 season Hao Junmin, at the time he participated in the Champions League competition in Schalk 04. The next Chinese player played in the European Union Cup race is still the 2008-09 season Sun Xiang, when he played the Vienna in Austria, and it has passed 11 years.

For 11 years, on dresovi prodaja the venue of the European Union Cup, he will reheour the figure of Chinese players. This is a brand new challenge for Wu Lei. This season, with different from the middle of the season, Wu Lei is not only a complete season, but also a three-line battle (King Cup, UC Cup, La) season.

Although there have been goals in the qualifier, the overall performance is desirable, Wu Lei still needs to contribute more to win the trust of the coach and the team. The substitute is the normal state of Wu Lei this season, he needs to re-strive for the main position.

Although Iglesia’s departure really gave Wu Lei to re-return the hope of the main force, Ferreira and the new aid Bargas have been very good, and the Spaniards also introduced Carlei, Maglie Manchester United Wu. Lei’s pressure is actually greater.

What’s more, the Euro Cup race is different from qualifications. This is the opportunity to challenge for Wu Lei. New season, come on!

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