After France was eliminated, Juventirabi’s mother, fighting with Baga and Mbpe.

According to foreign media reports, the French team fought to the Swiss team in 2020 European Cups, French players conflict with Babo’s family and Mbpe family.

In this game lost to the Swiss team, Mbpe fell to the key point.

Borga is also criticized, although Boaga has entered a goal, but the Swiss team can line up and have a big relationship with Borgball.

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Although new breaking news there is no news that there is a large-scale division in the French team, but the French team’s family on the stage does have a fierce debate, and the lens indicates that the situation is true.

After France was eliminated, Juventirabi's mother, fighting with Baga and Mbpe.

It is said that Rabio’s mother Veroni has begun an incredible outbreak. She accuses Baga in the third goal of the Swiss team, and tells Mbpe’s father ”to reshape him Let him ”don’t be so arrogant.”

In addition to the mouth of Mbpe, it is said that Veroni has also new update today ”fiercely news google co in tamil exchanges” with Mbpe’s mother.

In summary, it is reported that Veronica spends approximately 20 minutes, roaring and barking, other French players’ relatives, so rapid aggressive behavior is ”shocked” for her after losing the ball.

It has been reported that before this, Boaga and Rabio quarrel seem to have exacerbated tensions. This is due to Baga accused Juventus midfielder Labio.

It is said that security has been involved, requiring Baga’s family to calm down to slow down.

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