After grabbing 31 + 8! 00, the new star has been running away from Harden after he wants to compete.

The NBA regular season continues, the Heat 100-92 defeated the piston team, and the Heat Subens Hihiro appeared. In the audience, he won the 31 points of the new high of this season, and once again made a big contribution to the Attack.

This is the third season of Jero career, which is
born in 2000, also broke out this season. As of now, he has been 22.1 points 5.7 rebound 3.8 assists this season, and the overall performance is quite good. In terms of three-pointers, he was investigated 2.9 three-pointers, and the three-point hit rate was 40.2%. Breakthrough, he also improved.

3 minutes left with the piston competition, Hiro is using breakthrough to tear the opponent defensive score to attack Badler on the basket 2 + 1. It is three points for the cover of Sheilo to use Adebay. Again, Hero is still his favorite dry jump, this time it is changed to the bottom line, he still hits the basket.

In this way, Henry is constantly cut off in his rhythm until the highest 31 points in the audience. When the Badler hand is poor, Hiro took the team.

30+ scores are rare for this season, but in fact, the Jelo’s offense is sharp enough. The 17 games played, and he appeared for 33.6 minutes. Although most of the game is the substitute, he is more important than some main force. The performance of 22.1 points 5.7 rebound 3.8 assists is the data sheet he handed over this season, and this is also a 20+ score for his career.

As a good performance again and again, Hiro this season also got more recognition. It is worth mentioning that last season, when the Nets and Rockets traded to join hands to Durant and Owen, the Heat was once caught in Harden’s trading rumors, but it is reported that the Heaters are reluctant to regard Henry as One of the chips, ultimately, the transactions of both parties have not succeeded, which is not difficult to see the Heat of Heilo.

Now, Henry has further proved himself. This rookie season has a young player who has been able to play a racly of the Lakers led by James and Davis in the finals. At the same time, it is also based on high salary in advance.