After the Golden Dynasty is scattered, can Chinese football will be reborn?

Original title: After the Golden Dynasty is scattered, can Chinese football will be reborn?

How did Jinyuan Football in China have started more than ten years? Everything is going to say from Zhongchao Jinyuan football nose ancestors: In 2010, the Evergrande Group what is the current newsbought all the equity of Guangzhou football with 100 million yuan, officially established Guangzhou Evergrande Football Club. At the beginning of the construction team, Hengda did not hesu many money to create a dream, crazy to buy the state, Yulin, Zhang Lin Fan, Feng Wei, and Zheng Zhou, the national football team who has just returned to the country, Zheng Zhi, unique card, let the constant success completed Superfielding. In the next year, Evergrande has introduced Bajia MVP, and the first season of Clea, the first season of the ultra-ultra-superchard, and the first season of the year. 4 rounds of great achievements in advance.

In 2012, Luipi’s empty fell, in the blessing of the new latest news World Cup Champion Tead, Evergrande completed the defending task, but the team’s sublimation has not stopped, 5.5 million pound transfer fee, £ 200 buy Elkson, invincible lineup Also let the Evergrande have achieved the 2013 AFC champion. After the constant elegance, the meaning of ”money can be done” is the ultimate, 15 million EO, 11 million Eugulan, 14 million Europe introduced Polygonio from Milan, And paying nearly 50 million Ou, Evergrande, is equally rich, but the record is equally rich, and after the decades of this year, Hengda’s 8 times will take the Super Championship, and win the Champions League, Evergrande is almost trembled. The entire football community, the ”Golden Yuan Football” model was born in China.

Perhaps latest news times of india in english I saw the sweetness of Evergrande ”Golden Yuan Football”, other clubs have also increased investment; according to the statistics of German market websites, the Super League recruits invested in the next few years, and it has been continued to rise in 2012, respectively, 34.53 million euros in 2012. 40.49 million euros in 2013, 7.217 million euros in 2014, 201519 billion euros, 2016.48 billion euros, 2017.03 billion euros, 201818 million euros, 2019.2 billion euros.

At that time, Zhongchao presented a ”prosperity”, not just in the middle, after the Lipper took over the national football team, I entered the World Cup became the Chinese ”Dream”, and my player can’t, there is a plans to make a plan, In 2019, Evergrande Browning, Exxon, Luo Guofeng, Alan, Galat, Jiang Guangtai, Fisan completed the attribution, 7 players, costing a total of 1.23 billion yuan.

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Even if the World Cup champion, it has not allowed the national football to a new, in 2019, after two days of prolonged, the local coach Li Tie served as the national team coach, the third round of the World Cup qualifier, the national football, in addition to 3-2 barely won There is no winning battle outside Vietnam, which is basically no hope. In this side of the Super Character, the multi-furniture department has spread out of the payment, disbanded news, league almost stagnation, under the trouble, there is no capital packaging ”false prosperity”, Chinese football gradually reveals the essence of ridiculous nature. There have been a Superchak Director to propose ”Activity to the High Aid Foreign Aid Phenomenon”, but did not receive the recognition of the Football Association, and inversely responded that this is ”market behavior.” Indeed, in many European giants, they have to rely on ”Golden Yuan Football” to develop. The most typical example is Chelsea. After bought this liability, I was also a gold medal route at the beginning. And there is a significant increase in record. But this team lacks more than just a ”Giants”, we all know that Chelsea is called ”Iron Blood Blue Army”, before Murinio, Terry, Lampad, Durba Times. The hard-struggled tough guys have continued to this day; the king of reversing, uncomfortable behavior makes this team full of team souls. There is also a bit, more than the star players, Chelsea prefer to have the potential and bloody young people, the most important thing is high quality youth training, this point is still under the championship after two years ago, you can see the Champions League qualification. .

After excessively expanding, the outer surface finally exploded, leaving a piece of chicken hair, but finally let the most realistic side of Chinese football, this is a disaster, but it is also the starting point of the rebirth. Chinese football may temporarily give up the idea of ??winning the honor, with the most modest gestures, re-understand themselves, recognize themselves, and go to a footprint. If you want football to get healthy development, you need to go to ”cultivate” in your foot, not the ”brain input” that is not counted. Return to Sohu, see more


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