After the twelfth game, how can the chicken hair in China’s football?

Said that the current situation in Chinese football can be used in deep heat, and the hair is described.

First, the national football is basically eliminated, and it is 900 million to play the drift.

For the national team, I will hit the World Cup, Cai Zhenhua and Evergrande spend a lot of energy and huge amount of money, and the number of players, Exxon, Alan, Luo Guofeng, Jiang Guangtai and so on. According to the ”Football News”, the Guangzhou team’s 6 reputation players had previously transferred fees, annual salary and security expenses totaling 870 million yuan.

As a result, under the current india news today leadership of programmers and header, the originating player did not get fully used, and the 12th game was only half, the national football was basically announced. It’s impossible to say, this is called ”爷 爷, don’t distage.” Since spending so much money, at least you use it, or do it. Think about it, if these money spent these money in jealous training, spend in the construction of the masses of football infrastructure?

Second, the league semi-paralysis, the neutral reform failed

The current Super League faces multiple strikes. First, in order to kick the national team, the league is divided into brackets, chaos and seven or eight; secondly, the team’s neutral name reform is over, the implementation is unfair, the team commercial development is basically Blank; third, the real estate industry is coming, the main sponsor of the Super League team is basically involved in the real estate industry, Hengda, Huaxia Happiness, Suning and other teams have been difficult to say, the team is not operated, according to reports, Zhongchao has already There are 13 teams in the group. Finally, the needs of the epidemic prevention and control situation have caused a certain inconvenience to the organization of the professional league. Overall, in addition to the epidemic, it is a human disaster.

Third, Qing training training confusion

At present, China’s football youth is better than 10 years ago. Hubei Xinghui, Qingdao Yellow Sea, and there is also a football teenager in Dong Road.

However, it is clear that the Football Association is there in the absence of the Football Association, and the young training cannot rely on the club and a person. The Football Association has spent so much money, it is better to make money to these seriously. The small club helps them contact high-level European coaches to help them build a perfect adolescent league.

The coldest news update todaywinter in Chinese football is really coming, and it is still a long hurrican. In this circle, you will be frozen, and you can’t be able to start acting.

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