Alaba and Bayern contract exposed to this summer or zero price transfer Real Madrid

  The contract of Araba and Bayern expires this summer. Due to the lack of signing the renewal contract with Bayern, Allaba can begin negotiations with any team in January this year. The Italian famous Romino broke the news that there are five teams to contact Arabic brokers, and Allaba is negotiating with Real Madrid. He is eager to play the battleship.

  Bayern wants to turn with Araba, but due to the high salary of Alabaso to have a high salary of 1.7 million euros, it will continue to fall into a deadlock. Bayern high-level explicitly stated english me newspaper that it has stopped talking to Allaba in November last year, Allaba can free people in the summer of 2021.

  After the exposure of Bayern high-level, many European giants are also associated with Arabic’s future, including Hua Ma, Barcelona and Manchester City. According to the provisions of International Football, Araba can begin to join the negotiations with other teams in January this year.

  Italy’s famous reporter Romano broke the news that there were five teams to contact Araba, and Allabin hoped to go to Real Madrid: ”Now Araba is negotiating with Real Madrid, and five teams and His broker has conducted contact. Alaba people wanted to go to Real Madrid, and Allaba’s future will have results, at least in a short period of time. ”

  Alaba is a thousand golden oil players. He can kick the left defender, india breaking news liveand you can also compete for the position of the middle and defend. The last season wins the three crowns, and Araba plays a steady position in the Zhongwei, and the team won the three crown. Merchant player. In addition, Araba can also play in the field. This kind of gold oil attribute is also very attractive to Real Madrid. At present, Ramos has high, and on the renewal issue, both sides have differences. Real Madrid is willing to provide a 2-year contract, while Ramos hopes to have a 2 + 1 contract. At news new the same time, even if Ramos renew, Real Madrid needs to find instead of Zhongwei, after all, Militang and Nacho’s level is difficult to reach the expected expectation in Zida.

  Real Madrid hopes to introduce Allaba, and Allabie is also eager to play the battleship. According to the previous media report, Allaba doesn’t like the Premier League. He is eager to go to La Liga, and between Real Madrid and Barcelona, ??Barcelona is not good, it is difficult to bear the high salary of Araba, and Real Madrid does not have this.

Original title: I really eat fragrance! Five teams robbed their summer eleventh or zero price
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