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Live Bar October 1st, Beijing time October 3, 0 o’clock in the morning, Juventus will usher in Dunte, and the coach Alegi attended the pre-service press conference.

What did I represent?

”On behalf of Deiber, especially tomorrow, the fans will return to the stadium, the atmosphere will be very good. We have to return to the rankings, and you must continue to motivate yourself. Turning the coach Yuri is very good, most important Yes, he conveys the team to teamwork and the spirit of the team. This game will be very complicated, we need to be patient. There is not much to the mouth, when they slow down, always ready to do the same Things. ”

Bouch prepares the wheel?

”Taking into account our formation, tomorrow Chiffini and Niyielli will start, others are still not necessarily, I need to conduct another assessment today. Some players spend more physical fitness in the game against Dürsi, But fortunately, we still have time to recover. We will see who’s physical fitness, who will play. ”

Can you copy the mental state you show in the Whurcy Competition?

”In fact, we have made a lot of mistakes in the beginning on Wednesday. We must understand that although we have performed very well in the 70-minute game, opponents may win the game because of 20 minutes of excellent performance. We need to understand, in the game Why do you have to defense in some form, why do you want to defense, and what should you do when getting a ball right.

How much helps from Atun to the team?

”Yesterday was his second time to participate in the family, tomorrow, he and the KAO – Johns can enter the big list. Atha is good at holding the ball, his technology is superb, and can help us in this regard.”

Do you think Alas Sandro has progress?

”His strength is unquestionable, our career will experience the ups and downs, and the performance of his stage this season is good, but we must keep calm.”

How is the team atmosphere?

”I am very happy for the team and Wednesday’s atmosphere, all of our relationship is very good.”

What is the state of Benadsky?

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”Benardski is very good in the game of Duecy, and in fact, there is no technical problem, but physical problems. In the process of smashing in small Kesa, Bernardski made I have a big contribution, but I think Benardski will not be satisfied. Now let us focus on Dubi de, because we have to take back points, return to the forefront on the standings. We don’t have a good time after the game, I hope that this international competition will adjust the mentality and take a good performance. ”

Do you think the body is abundant and the morale is more important?

”I will try to determine the formation of tomorrow, I need to have an abundant fresh blood, and I also need to be very morale. The players who gopal scientist bihar fake news have participated in the previous game. The players are very young, this active mentality can often play good Effect.”

Is Titan Kur and Locortli routine?

”They have no one who directly commands and combed the team’s midfield. Titan Kur needs teammates in the ball, and they are playing together, the more understanding each other, playing will be better.”

Is it difficult to prepare against the Champhel’s game or is it difficult to match the game?

”This problem is not related to the difficulty, we have to know, we started slowly. We will do only 6 balls in the opponent we have to face, this game mediatek newsis different from the game of Dürsi.”

What should I do if the physical fitness problem of South American players after the end of the international competition?

”I have not conducted a very specific plan for this regard, but I know that the Italian player can ensure that the South American players should return to the team on Friday, then the Sunday game, so there should be time to adjust.”

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