Aleguri criticized white Bo Gaba! Dark finger does not work hard, pure mixed days, really reflect

On our weekend, Juventus will participate in the press conference before the game, before the game, Juventi coach Alega before this game. In this interview, biggest news stories of 2019 indiaAlegi was asked by the reporter to the issue of Raboio. Results Alegi’s blunt: ”Rabio? He is very potential, but talking about these useless, he must play better performance, playing is simpler.”

It can be seen that Alegar is not satisfied with the performance of Labio. He believes that Rabio is a potential player, there are many potential to be excavated. But until now, Rabio has not proved himself, did not honor his talent, which is where he is disappointed with him.

It is worth mentioning that this is the second public accusation of Rabio, Alegi. Because in the past, when Alegi was asked to Rabio, he said: ”If I am Rabio, I will be angry with myself. Have he entered 10 balls in two years? This is an unacceptable thing. ”

Obviously, Rabio’s performance made the uncle Alegi is very unsatisfactory, and Alegi is really hate iron is not steel. After all, I have to know that Rabio is known as white Bo Gaba. He has a very high talent, which has proved himself in the Paris Saint-German. But now, since Rabio came to Juventus, his highlight can be said to be less.

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At the moment, Rabio has been working for Juventus for more than two years. He has played 94 games for Juventus, and individuals scored 6 goals and completed six assists. For talent players in Rabio, his participation efficiency is indeed a little low. And the ball of Rabio is too lazy. He often walks in the game, a slow look, this is very disappointed with Juventus fans.

Obviously, Juventus is free to sign the midfield. Because of this, Alegi about news criticism is known as the white Bo Gaba, Alegi, the latter does not work hard, pure mixed days, he really reflects. Indeed, Rabio has proven that herself, after all, he is 26 years old, is in the golden period, if Rabio continues to mix, his career achievement will definitely not be too high. Therefore, Alegi has repeatedly knocked Labio, which is also a reminder of the goodwill, Rabio doesn’t want to be good at Alegi, he should make progress!

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