Amazon invested 6 billion US dollars to do original content, and join hands with NFL Manchester City to do these seven documentary

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Recently, Amazon has reached a cooperation, and the thermal thorn will become the protagonist of the football documentary photographed by Amazon. The documentary will become Amazon ”All or Nothing” series and again.

In terms of football, Amazon came to work with Mancheson to shoot ”Irrush, Manchester City”, and the documentary was highly praised after launch last year, representing Amazon’s ”alone” series from 2016 from the NFL team to the football field.

The continuous introduction of sports documentaries is Amazon to increase sakshi tv live today telugu news investment in the original content area, and it is also the result of continuous expansion in sports.

The four-year production of 7 ”alone” series documentary, received praise and more

Amazon’s ”Ipoli Yip” series was launched in 2016, which was taken by the NFL team Arizona. ”Alien: Arizona Red Picture” on the Amazon’s Prime Video, 1457 comments have played a high score bellary news today of 4.8 points (full range of 5 points) for the documentary. Later, Amazon continued this series, in 2017-2019, the Los Angeles Ram, Michigan Wolf, Dallas Cowboy, New Zealand Full Black (New Zealand National Team), Carolina Black Panther 5 NFL team filmed documentary.

”Alien: Arizona Right” in Amazon Prime Video

Go to 2018, ”Ioli Yip” series focuses on football, shooting the British team hockey news today Manchester City, accompanied by the Manchester City 2017/18 season, the documentary is launched in the summer of 2018, because the launch is the European favorite football, Therefore, the audience has expanded from North America. After that, iQiyi introduced the documentary, Chinese fans played 9.1 points (full range of 10 points) at Douban.

”Alien: Manchester City” Douban rating

”Alone” series is NFL or the British team can succeed, on the one team indus latest news hand, because as a documentary it shows the fans, the team and the player is really unknown, on the other hand, there is Amazon’s production credit, from music And video clips have both artistic and dramatic.

The launch of original video on Prime Video originated from Amazon’s investment in original content. In March this year, the media industry analyst Rich Greenfield expects Amazon 2019 to invest $ 6 billion in the original content. Last year, Amazon’s investment in the original field was $ 5 billion, 2017 $ 4.5 billion. Of course, in 2018, it is only $ 5 billion only accounting for 2.27% of Amazon’s operating capacity of $ 220 billion.

Although the shooting of documentary needs to be put, it will benefit from multiple parties. bajaj finance news today According to the ”Daily Mail” report, Amazon’s contractual shooting agreement contract is 10 million pounds, which brought practical money income for Manchester City. When the documentary is launched, there will be other platforms to purchase copyrights, and there will be new fans to open Prime members, which brought benefits for Amazon. The fans can make more understanding the clubs you like through the film. Therefore, a successful documentary allows the triple benefit.

Hot thorn

In addition to the thermal thorn this year, Amazon also signed a contract with the Brazilian national team, which will shoot behind the Brazilian Football National Team, which will be the first football national team of ”Ioliki” series. However, the pins are different from Manchester City and Brazil. About them will be more focused on ”alone” itself, but will not only be launched around the club, and will also have the construction and operation of the sprint new course, because of the heat The tattoo is difficult, so the documentary may also have a player, coach, and high tension.

Of course, the shooting of these sports documentaries is just a small part of Amazon in sports field. In the past three years, there is a high investment part of the live copyright in sports event.

Actively buy live Copyright, Amazon won NFL, ATP, UFC, and Premium three years

In 2017, Amazon got the NFL on Thursday, Night Race. Last year, Amazon continued to approximately two seasons last year. Also, 2017, Amazon won the power of ATP important events with about 10 million pounds, including the ATP World Tour 1000 Master Series, ATP World Tour 500 series event.

UFC president Dana White

Last year, Amazon signed a live broadcast agreement to watch payment with UFC. In the same year, he won the transfer of the 2019-2022 Sales Premier League, which will play 20 Premier Leagues on Prime Video every year. Although Amazon and Premier League have not disclosed contract value, but according to Sky Sports and BT Sports, I will take the Premier League 160 games, 20 games are also worthy.

In addition to purchasing live Copyright, Amazon also participated in the acquisition of Yes TV. In August of this year, Disney sold 80% of the YES TV network in $ 3.47 billion, there is Amazon in the acquisition group. YES TV network is local sports TV network, its important playing foreign team competition and other regional sports content.

Amazon and La Liga cooperation documentary

At the same time, Amazon also is very interested in copyright of La Liga. In last year, he has passed its copyright package that he hopes 120 million euros, although it is not implemented. However, last year, both parties have worked together to produce the La Liga documentary of that season.

There is a data show that 2017 Amazon broadcasts NFL’s first season, there are 2 million viewers to watch the live broadcast of the game through Prime Video. The world’s average number of viewers at least 30 seconds, Amazon reached 372,000, and on Twitter of the first live game last year, it was 243,000.

Leicester City home

For the first time I chose NFL to enter the copyright market, because Amazon is a US local company, NFL is one of the most popular events in the United States. And finally, I chose to buy the Premier League or even wanted to sign the copyright of Lara, because the European football is not mainstream, football is the most popular project of European sports.

Sports game live copyright is an important part of the Amazon sports strategy. In the next few years, Amazon will make more active purchase of sports.

The market value of 873.4 billion US dollars will be 100 million, and sports is a diversified year of Amazon business.

In March 2018, Amazon has disclosed a company data, data showing, on Prime Video’s TV show, 2017 global global global rank attracted more than 5 million people to join its Prime Member, and about 75 million members of Amazon . And before 2019, Amazon’s member has exceeded 100 million.

At present, Amazon’s market value is approximately $ 873.4 billion, but according to Amazon’s second quarter earnings this year, Q2 company has a net operating collection of $ 63.404 billion, net profit of $ 2625 million. Since the newly launched a member ”one day” business, net profit has fallen.

Amazon Prime Member Japanese Poster

It is necessary to mention the Amazon’s Prime member mechanism, which originated in February 2005. At that time, Amazon launched for $ 79 after prepaid, customers can enjoy free express delivery service within one year. With the continuous expansion of the Amazon business, Prime members can also enjoy a series of services such as reading, music, etc., and Prime Video is also the free welfare for Prime members, and users can watch videos. This is also the success of the Prime membership program, that is, an account contains multiple benefits.

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos

And Amazon’s business expansion, initially, in order to attract more people to register Prime members to promote Amazon’s e-commerce retail business. After all, Amazon is selling home by e-commerce, and this is their main source of revenue. It is also because the development of users and e-commerce can make Amazon have more investment funds in other areas.

Prime Video Vice President Greg Hart said: For those who only subscribe to Prime Video, we obviously hope that they also subscribe to the rest. Therefore, we strive to let them believe in the value of the broader welfare program provided by Prime. One of the reasons for our monthly service is that this is a more easier purchase, not just annual service. People can choose what they think about themselves according to their own economic conditions and taste.

Prime Video interface, home page has NFL game map

Next, Amazon is still considering the launch of free network video services, which will insert ad as the revenue model. This service will further increase the audience of Amazon video, maximize the rewards of Amazon video copyright investment.

In the future, Amazon will also use more ways to invest in sports fields.

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