American League playoffs Tour: Pony For staged dark horse Brady wonders whether winning a crown

Beijing on December 31, with the Indianapolis Colts beat the Tennessee Titans got the last playoff spot, AL 6 seed rankings have all been determined. 2018 season before the start of the regular season and offseason, keywords around a ”renewal” and ”injury”, but now it will cease to exist, because no team would pay attention to these, their goal will become only one, that is the last Super Bowl season. For the six American League playoff team, you know how much? Below small tour with your American League top six.

Kansas City Chiefs (12-4)

When this season’s regular season came to the last match day, a lot of people look at the American League standings, the first impression is probably accidental. After accustomed to the New England Patriots in mid-first, this season, the American League’s first name but a change of name – Kansas City Chiefs. Beginning of the season, almost not many people really optimistic about the transformation of the Emirates, offseason they just play off the peak of his career season, Alex – Smith, select righting sophomore quarterback Patrick – Macho James, this approach been called into question, people’s evaluation of them is only borderline playoff team. However, since the start, getting better chiefs, no one dared to greet their offensive firepower to bear fruit, Macho Williams for the season again and again to break all kinds of passing touchdowns and yardage record, the Patriots until the sixth week encounter was the first encounter defeat.

Chiefs season all the way to cut all the way to kill, attack the group by virtue of Terrick – Hill, Karim – Macho Hunter and Williams struck the first blow at the same time, the defense group, especially second-tier defense is not on pit has been filled, reasons for losing a few games of the season are to be so. With the season a little deeper, the teams also began to study the Chiefs offensive and defensive vulnerability, followed by Hunter headed running back broke the scandal battered women being laid off, Chiefs offensive group is also equivalent to cutting off an arm. Is different from the regular season, the playoffs, any little tiny flaw will be hugely magnified, powerful offensive group can guarantee the Chiefs into the playoffs, but the playoffs can go far depends largely on the defensive group.

New England Patriots (11-5)

10 years to win the American League East title, the last four years and three Super Bowl into 2 wins, sitting – Tom Brady and Rob – glycopyrrolate Koski a bunch of good role players, in every season of the Patriots early it is considered one of the most powerful teams. Patriots have reason to be proud, nearly 20 years of accumulation, so that they have a current league teams do not have any gas giants field; good times, adversity, the Patriots seem to have a way to save the day; they continued victory, from the inside out of self-confidence, but also detached calm common sense, these qualities are amongst the strongest teams fear the coalition from the bottom of my heart. But all this changed from the beginning of the season quietly.

1 5-2 start to hit, especially after losing to the Detroit Lions various media experts began bad-mouthing the Patriots, 41-year-old Brady serious state of decline, air leakage around defense group, they have no sense of who the king of the gas. However, from the fourth week of the Miami Dolphins bloodbath began, headed wide receiver Edelman lifted back, talented players Josh – Gordon to vote, rookie Sony – Mitchell revitalize the road, the Patriots limelight a time without even usher in a wave of 6 wins, in which straight pony, chiefs and Bears to get people in them and saw the shadow of the old hegemony. Mid-wave-game winning streak so that they have room for mistakes, near misses at the end of the season to win the No. 2 seed. The patriot of December is relatively mediocre, and the fatigue is increased. But in the playoffs in January, Bilipk and Braddy are the opportunity to call the wind, which is not exaggerating its words, just state the facts of the past.

Houston Texans (11-5)

Since the first week lost to the Patriots, so in the case record flat, because the relationship between the outcome Texans ranked only third seed. Compared to the Patriots, Texans rounded out some inspirational story of the playoffs. Start with three defeats, Watson seems to have lost much flexibility last season, he is still in the fight and injuries among, but the Indianapolis Colts beat the fourth week began, the Texans took a magnificent turn to 9 game winning streak, suddenly leapt to the top from the bottom of the partition. Watson state getting better, Hopkins repeatedly staged Guards ball to save the team, plus the defensive front line JJ Watt and Judd temperature – Ke Laoni two punch pass beast, practical attack against the Texans and a strong defense (9 league) completed the counter-attack.

But although we boast boast, Texans playoff outlook does not seem so clear, 9-game winning streak the team to beat in the season, winning just over 50% of the Cowboy, the Titans and Colts, Chiefs have not encountered such a super strong or lightning team test. To the end of the season, when the Texans meet gamble pony and hawks tragic lore, especially with the Hawks game, Doug opposite – even hit fourth gear Peterson attack, while Bill – O’Brien Ryan repeatedly punt at midfield, their conservative tactics were also Tucao fans. In the playoffs, the battle of life and death game, the Texans cast doubt on the ability to fight a hard battle.

Baltimore Ravens (10-6)

Crow can be said to be the only American League team a six old-school team defense, offensive tactics is also very retro. Ravens this season can be described as twists and turns, the opener 47-3 bloodbath Buffalo Bill strong opening, the war ushered in a wave 5 4 Halo 3 wins and 4 losses later. In the meantime, quarterback Joe – Flacco crazy pass, starting to play the first nine games, threw a league-high 379 passing attempts, but the team most in danger when Flacco injured, backup quarterback Lamar – Jackson stepped in. This substitution does not matter, technical and tactical Ravens this earth-shaking changes occur. Flacco is probably no chance debut, Jackson led the team starting seven games to win six games, losing is just a single loss to top-seeded Chiefs 3 points.

When Joe-Frab Frach, the crow’s pavement off-planes were only 92.6 yards, and the rankings were previously recurred. In the week of May 11-15 regular season games, the Ravens offensive firepower of the road, becoming the Steelers since 1976’s first five consecutive games out of 190 yards of the team. Seeing such an effect, the crow does not think that their attack is a play from the previous time, but the current road to success. Change the offensive group make people feel happy, but crows can really get to the playoffs, relying on the strong defensive group. Averaging 284.1 yards release, drop points, averaging 17.5 points, two figures are all the lowest league, as compared with previous years crow extremely aggressive defense force, and this year they only created 20 possessions conversion (34th last year), but their defensive quality is more robust than ever. From 4.7% chance to make the playoffs, and now the North American League champions, crow eager to continue with the defense windy playoffs.

Los Angeles Lightning (12-4)

If the end of the season is not lost to crow, it relied on lightning lore Los Angeles Kansas City Chiefs game, we would almost think that they are the best team in the American League. Lightning this season faded princes reading the label, although two straight sets start the ball (chiefs + ram) slightly staggering pace, but after this lightning step by step, in addition to unexpected loss to the Broncos, the rest all steadily won the game, called the most stable of the league older drivers. Quarterback Philip – Rivers as the 04 golden generation of talent this season, also joined the fray regular season Most Valuable Player, vowing to win his first Super Bowl ring; defensive front Melvin – Ingram and Joey – Bosa double ghost shoot the door, but also the strongest backcourt defensive rookie German – James sits, this lightning either offense or defense are ranked in the top of the league.

But the team’s record to cover up some dazzling weak link, according to center Mike – Pangxi saying, Chargers offensive group started relatively slowly (11-15 Week 5 games first gains and losses divided 14-43), and pavement attack is short board. Melvin team – have been injured during the Gordon river’s support against the pass, then return to face Gordon crows and eat a big flat. For the Lightning, the Los Angeles worse at the box office so that they feel at home atmosphere, this is the bad news is good news, year 16 ”away” to play down that they have the league’s best teams will play on the road, postseason tournament No. 5 seed + all-road race in fact, no big deal.

Indianapolis Colts (10-6)

Remember the Colts in the offseason and the regular season is how over it? Offseason Pony had wanted to hire Patriots offensive team now coach Josh – Mike Daniels as coach, but just on the face of the latter declared official defection, this thing was a mockery spread in NFL. Out of frustration, the colt had started II program, find the original offensive team coach Frank Hawks – Rich coached team. Start to the season, the Colts played a few games good game, but is now only a fine line between winning. 1-5 start, which means the Colts from the first seven games of the regular season will start facing a given outcome of the playoffs, Andrew – under the leadership of Mubarak, they did.

In fact just return from injury of Andrew – Mubarak also played a season MVP level, excellent offensive line in front of him to get good grades guarantee, after many years of this connection between him and T.Y. Hilton is still reliable. In addition, second-year running back Malone – Mike turned out to allow Mubarak to feel the warmth of the road offense, defense group voted rookie linebacker Darius – Leonard led the league in tackles a few more It is a powerful competitive league’s best defensive rookie. Last week victory over the Titans last won a playoff spot, the Colts not only a pony, is the biggest dark horse!

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