Anthony Aobu Lang allegedly involved in domestic violence related investigations NFL Union

Antonio Brown – who is going through a complex and busy offseason, the Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver in addition to trouble with breaking the club, wants to leave the team outside, into the spotlight again recently by one of the other way . According to reports, Brown, at the end of a season, in January in Hollywood, Florida on suspicion of domestic violence against her mother, and now the league has been involved in the investigation.

Hollywood police on Tuesday acknowledged that Brown is indeed involved in a domestic dispute, but no further details published before this will not make any comment, Brown has not been arrested. It is reported that a woman will be Brown’s daughter to Brown’s residence and demanded reimbursement of the cost of child haircut Brown, Brown urged her to hurry, but the woman through his body so that Brown can not close the door, then Brown ”hands rude to her pushed to the ground, resulting in a broken wrist. ”another eyewitness of the event was that child.

Currently, NFL investigation has been launched for the event, the Steelers also gather more information: ”Earlier today we learned that a violent incident last month in Florida on suspicion of Brown,” Steelers in a statement. He said: ”we are still gathering information, not yet make further comment.”

Brown’s lawyer Darren – Heitner issued a statement of the meaning of words, not only condemned the mother of the child to say ”no fraud based on,” and ”Brown is absolutely not done anything wrong,” but also criticized the unscrupulous media false reports: ”these allegations are baseless and completely bullsh * Unfortunately, the media reported that willy-nilly to follow suit, resulting in greatly damaged the reputation of my client..” Heitner had before becoming a full-time lawyer media worked, his views on the matter have their own point of view: ”it is clearly based on two people together to raise a child generated controversy.”

According to the famous tabloid TMZ reports, the woman and Brown together with a daughter, the child’s mother. After the initial alarm, she did not want to sue, and the victim refused to fill out an affidavit. This makes it more difficult, so the NFL had to personally investigate.

This thing also allows the relationship between Brown and the Steelers even more embarrassing, before the name of a super wide receiver with the team wrangling, and Big Ben in the squad and quarterback coach Mike – Tomlin contradiction has gradually public. Before Steelers owner Art – Rooney said: ”It’s hard to imagine the new season also saw Brown to stay in the Steelers.” Although these things have exacerbated Brown left the Steelers process, but if this time Brown involving domestic violence, violation of personal code of conduct, the transaction will become very difficult.

Dallas Cowboys running back Izawa Kiel – Eliot as a violation of personal conduct league was suspended for six games last season, Karim – the ultimate punishment Hunter battered women not down, Brown and out of such a sub-file thing, not punished by hard to say. Recently, Brown reiterated the desire to want to be traded, OTC addition to a shopping center in Atlanta been seen, the only public event is Twitter and Instagram are two social media.

Brown looks will no doubt become the focus of the offseason, this time off the scandal Brown also bound to affect the future trend.