Araba: Genius teenager has long, "Austrian captain" creates history

ReporterAustrians have their own ”summer fairy tale”! In Bucharest, Alaba and teammates defeated Ukraine 1-0, the Austrian national team has killed the European Cup knockout stage in history. Military fans sit in front of the TV, watching this scene before the big screen of the square. ”Austria 24 hours” said: ”Summer 43 years ago, we were in Argentina to defeat the legendary victory of Germany with a 3-0 wattle of Germany, and today wrote a history. We entered the European Cup 1/8 final Will stay in memory forever, Araba and his teammates have completed great achievements. Austria came back, as one of the 16 strongest teams in Europe. ”

”We are here to complete the dream”, the captain Allabi did not fear the next opponent: ”I can go to the Wembley Stadium to play italy, this is really beautiful, everything is possible on the football court.” As this ball The leader of the team, Araba will spend his 29th birthday on Thursday, and then in combating italian with a more mature gesture. Prime Minister Kurtz, Austria, said: ”If you can, I will go to the 1/8 final site to give the team to the team.”

Araba, ”Austrian captain”

”Having Alba, a blessing to us”, the coach Schmitter, who is commented as a commentator, said in the program. The Austrian expectation value of this European Cup is not so high, mainly the team’s last grades are too bad. The Austrian fans were very excited five years ago. They have star players like Araba, and the team is not good in the qualifiers, and there is reason to become a black horse. However, Arabian performance is disappointing. He kicked three positions in the three groups, and three positions in front of the front and front waist. Every game is overwhelmed. Especially in the third round, the confidence in Araba is insufficient. It can only be given to Dragovic principal penalty. As a result, the team lost to Iceland, 1 flat 2, ended the French trip.

So when the European Cup came again, Austria had a lot of low-key, but there was an unexpected surprise. Alaba shows leader’s style, which is constantly urged teammates to advance, and make an example for young players. Under his leaders, Austrian players see news show a tenacious fighting spirit and powerful team spirit. ”Crown” uses ”Austrian captain” to call Araba, this is from the classic role of Marily ”American captain”, praised him not only personal abilities, but also leadership.

3 to 1 defeated North Macedonia, Austria got the group to open the door. Alaba kicked in the national team. Although he is the main position of Bayern last season, it is not the favorite. However, there are many talents that Austrian midfielders can choose, and Albab is willing to leave with the whole interest. Araba on the back defense line brings stability to the team, constantly strategic attack, and becomes the best player in the field. Argoviki made a controversial gesture when celebrating goals, insulting opponents, and google news 24 breaking news Alba immediately went up. After the game, Alba was relieved in Arga Tovich: ”Our focus is concerned about the game. Argovovic is a very good young man, no matter what happens, we will stand behind him. We are A team that needs such a spirit. The team’s atmosphere will continue. ”This is a captain to do.”

Arabian competition belonging to Araba?

The second round of Austria lost 0 to 2 to the Netherlands, and Araba opened a penalty opponent. He does not care about self-criticism: ”It is really bitter.” He is really bitter. ”He has reached the high fighting of Ukraine, Araba, this time he changed to the left side. At the most familiar location, Alba’s biography is Baumgart to help the team’s history. Allaba headlines of the day is reluctant to play, he said: ”The truly excellent is the attitude of the entire team, the degree of input. We have always implemented a goal, every second is hard.”

In 2021, Araba is a year of professionalism. At the national team, he is unbearable from five years ago to now leading the team to achieve breakthroughs, and became a true captain, which layamed the position of the top star. At the club level, he left the trend of 13 years, transferred to the Real Madrid. Although it is from a giant to another, in Spain, he will live more under the news today magnesium lamp, which is more eye-catching. After signing the contract with Real Madrid, Araba said: ”In 13 years of Bayern, there are countless champions and great moments, I will never forget. I also look forward to the European Cup after accepting new challenges in Real Madrid. Real Madrid’s history is a lot The great player is written, there are many great champions. I hope to participate in this story with the club and fans. ”

Before that, he would write a brilliant chapter for Austria. It is a historic breakthrough in the finals, and it has completed the goal, but this does not mean that Austria will not want to defeat Italy. Former Austrian national footstere: ”Now we can say that we have a great European Cup. Next, we can see the great interest in power. I am very happy to see Alba’s outstanding performance. He is this The team’s true leader. The coach Finda knows how to use him. ”The question now is that after the group played two Zhongwei and a left guard, where will Araba appear in the location of Italy? It is undoubtedly the key hand of Finda to Italy.

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