Arenas: Woluo’s top energy farm is 20 + 10 but that the future of the rocket has not help

Beijing time December 3rd News Recently, the former NBA players Arenas talked to Wall in their podcast show.

Arneas said: ”There are three, four guards in the team, the team needs them to play, you can have 21 + 11 or 21 + 10, but that can’t change the team’s record, it
will not help the teamThe future. If John (Wal) is on the game, he will win 20 + 10, the rocket has a shooter, can run, his data will be very good, but that can’t help the team’s future. Rocket needsLet the smallport, Green, Xiaocartin learning how to play, if John Wall fights the main point guard, this is not a way. So, the Rocket can do not let him play or trade him. ”

(9th Five Pig)