Argentina promoted the World Cup 35-year-old Messi came C Luo but also kicking the game

original title:Argentina promoted! The World Cup Messi is coming, C Luo still needs to cheer

On the morning of the 17th, the Argentine team in South America is a focus game in the Focus game of the game. This is 1 point to ensure Messi and his teammates advance to the Qatar World Cup in advance.

Following the Brazilian team advanced in advance, 2 World Cup places in South America have been determined.

The game Messi started, and the Brazilian team was still lacking.

12 battles 11 wins 1st live news page price 34 points of Brazil have advanced in advance, and the Argentine team needs to continue to take the points to ensure that the line is out.

Argentina promoted the World Cup

As a result, in this focus battle, the two sides were in hand, and the Argentina has been unbeaten in 27 consecutive events.

After getting this points, 29 of the Argentina South America South America.

In another several games ended on the 17th, Peru 2 is 1 victorious.

On the standings, the third Ecuador 23 points, the fourth place and the fifth Colombia, Peru fell to 17 points, Chile and Uruguay fall to sixth and seventh.

According to the outline rules of the South American Division, the four grades the best team directly outline, the fifth place needs to go to the Oceania team to kick the game.

The Argentine Football Association news section official website celebrates the team to advance to the 2022 Qatar World Cup.

In the case of the four rounds of the qualifiers, Argentina leads the fourth and fifth Colombia, Peru 12 points, and the next round of Colombia and Peru will talk directly, no matter what the results, there must be a team can’t catch up with Argentina. Messi’s team has locked the top four in South America in advance and got the quota of participating in the World Cup next year.

In this way, Brazil and Argentina have been promoted from South America. The current third in Ecuador is very hoping. The fourth place has become extremely fierce, Colombia, proportion, Chile and Uruguay will be tragic PK.

At this point, the World Cup 32 has already determined 13 seats, the host Qatar, Europe, Top 10, England, Switzerland, Germany, Denmark, latest update today Belgium, France, Croatia, Spain, Serbia, Netherlands, South America, Brazil, Argentina.

Argentina promoted the World Cup

Next year, 35 years old Messi will participate in the World Cup fifth time, perhaps this will be the opportunity of his last shock, and his best results are in 2014.

The World Cup Messi is coming, but C Luo is still waiting for the addition.

The Portuguese team failed to get direct advanced places in the European district preliminaries, and the group team can only kick the surcharge.

Argentina promoted the World Cup

I hope that the latest current news in english C-Luo Can rate the dream of Qatar, and finally stage Mero’s dispute on the stage of the World Cup.

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