Arsena’s True King Reserve Winter is swept out, Ying Chao new trench or smashing 30 million Europe

Arsenal may gnews news livehave to face some tricky problems in the transfer window in January, because the club is looking for new star players. However, Alteta and his behind-the-scenes staff don’t need to face Saka or Smith – Luo quote, they may find that people who have been in anxiety that is being caught in anxiety. The midfielder is currently leased to Marseille,go news but it has been reported that the 22-year-old genius player has entered the list of selection of Newcastle. Recently, Saudi Arabian Sovereign Fund has a lot of money to spend, in the transfer window in January, their interest in Gongqi may become reality. So, Arsenal should reject any proposal to rent their genius players, or seize this ideal opportunity to make money to make money?

10 current news The most important factor in determining Gongdo in the future of Arsenal is whether Alterta’s team really needs this midfield. In terms of Btob’s midfielders, Arsenal has Zaqa, Paltie, Plus, Metlan-Nilles, etc. They also have more offensive midfields, like Ode, Smith – Luo. Although this young French genius is really good in Marseille this breaking newseason, there is almost no indication that he can enter Arsenal’s starting lineup next season. However, this is not to say that Gong Di cannot be a valuable player in the Arsenal, and people can play a huge role in providing the necessary coverage.

Although Gong Qi did not reach an amazing height in Arsenal, he now played very well in the armic, and he still showed a lot of potential for latest news today in english 22 years old. Coupled with Arsenal’s contracts, the contract will last until 2023, and the player’s current value is about 15 million euros. However, potential buyers like Newcastle are very interested in signed this genius player in January, they may be forced to pay about twice the price to induce Arsenal to sell him.