Asian Cup Football Field will be delivered next year to high-end support seamless docking Qingdao is another zone to rise.:Indian news

Original title: Asian Cup Football State will be delivered next year, the high-end support seamless docking Qingdao is another zone to rise.

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Asian Cup Qingdao Youth Football Field in Construction.

As a 2023 Asian Cup Competition, Asian Cup Qingdao Youth Football Plan has always been attacked by the public. It is reported that the Asian Cup Qingdao Youth Football Field Construction cycle is 833 days, and it is expected to be completed in November 2022. After the Asian Cup, the football field will become a large international event site and continue to serve the public fitness, and a new landmark building in Qingdao will also be born. With the construction of the Asian Cup Qingdao Youth Football Field, the surrounding city infrastructure has also been updated. For the Kits Football Kits city of Chengyang in the city, there is a new opportunity.

Asian Cup Football Field is completed next year

The Asian Cup Football Plan project is located in the east of Jingcheng Road, Chengyang District, north of the smoke and Shanghai line. On Jingcheng Road, the construction site is in full swing, the entire football field body is capped, and the shape has been fully displayed, such as the hull waves, and magnificent.

The project covers an area of ??about 160,000 square meters, with a total construction area of ??19,4105 square meters, including 115418 square meters on the ground, 78687 square meters underground, including 1 50,000 professional football fields, 2 training venues, 1 multi-purpose library , 1 swimming training hall and business, underground parking spaces and other supporting Lionel messi Jersey facilities. According to the latest news, the Asian Cup Football Plan project construction period is 833 days, and it is expected to be fully completed on November 10, 2022, which has become the first 50,000 professional football field in Shandong Province.

The surrounding residents are also happy, looking forward to the Asian Cup football field to build into investment as soon as possible. ”It later, the large stadium is at home, fans can watch high-level football events nearby, and they can meet our fitness, entertainment, leisure demand, really good.” Ms. Li, Chengyang Citizen said.

High-end supporting, after the side of the mountain

Since Qingdao, it is determined to have a 2023 Asian Cup Football Competition, according to the provision of the Asian Cup Football Competition, the Mbappé Jersey relevant departments of Qingdao hire professional institutions from geographical position, population development, major investment, etc. The multi-site semicircle is fully studied and repeatedly demonstrated, and finally determined to build a professional football field in Jingcheng Road, Chengyang District.

The settlement of the Asian Cup Football Place means that Chengyang has a new step. Undoubtedly, the construction of large-scale sports venues and the development of a region and the development of a region are inseparable. The Guoxin Sports Center is a good example. It is not possible to improve urban functions and drive economic growth. After the implementation of the Guixin Sports Center, after the operation of the Fushan, the Fushan section entered the mature development period, the relevant supporting, Yongwang, Manchester United Jersey Da Runfa and other commercial centers have opened, and the area has become a gathering place to improve the guest group, the property is also increasingly The more high-end development.

Look at the Asian Cup Football Stadium, complete the Asian Cup professional football field project is never just built a football field as simple, while still taking into account marketization sustainable operations, creating sports, leisure, entertainment, tourism, shopping and other business highly integrated Urban sports service complex, boost the sports industry to drive the development of the southern part of Chengyang.

In addition to its supporting hotel, business, etc. With the high-end supporting landing, the Asian Cup football field has a good range, especially in the South of Chengyang, will gradually realize the upgrade,Liverpool Jersey and it is expected to look forward to Fushan.

Hope, Chengyang South is a new opportunity

While the Asian Cup football field is hot, the surrounding city has also occurred in the earth-shaking change, and the large-scale urban infrastructure update and construction have started.

It is understood that there are 15 roads around the Asian Cup core area, and it is planned to build 15 roads, including Jingcheng Road (G204-Chengyang District) to broaden the transformation, Mincheng Road (Bahahe Road – Planning Road), Mincheng Road (Jingcheng Road – Minh City Road), plan 5 Road (Yinhe Road – Plan 8 Road), Jingcheng Road South Yan, etc. Some of them have started. After these roads are open, the citizens in the south of Chengyang are more convenient, for example, the owners in Xinjiang · Rose Garden, Yijiahe, Waterfront Oasis, etc., only ten minutes, only ten minutes, can be directly connected to Asia. Cup of football field, Costco, etc., close to the center sector supporting facilities.

Recently, this area also passed many new news. ”Controlled Detailed Plan for Southern Squadron in Chengyang Street in Chengyang District, Qingdao” Facilities, a primary school is adjusted to the south of Xiyutian Road, followed by the Xinjiang Huayi Community, and the 6-class kindergarten required to be constructed in the original plot.

”The city is close to the location advantage of Chengyang South, and the new houses in the central area of ??Li Hao and Chengyang Central area are basically 20,000 yuan / square meter, and the overall house price of Chengyang South is a lot, 15000 The unit / square meter unit price can find a favorite house. For example, Xinjiang · Huayi is a good choice. ”The industry believes that all kinds of profits are a big opportunity for the development of Chengyang South.

[Editor:Yang Fan, Cui Zhonglian]

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