Asian team is the greatest four victories in the World Cup

The World Cup is basically a hegemonary stage of the European team and the South anandabazar district newsAmerican team. It is difficult for the team in Asia, Africa, North America and other regions. It is difficult to have a big difference on the World Cup due to strength. Especially in Asia, the overall strength is not far from Africa and North America. But this does not mean that Asian football is in the World Cup. In fact, the Asian team has a high-gloss of the World Cup, and today we will recall the greatest four victories on the World Cup.

Four, 2010 World Cup Japan 3: 1 Denmark

Although Denmark is not a world-class strong team, any one-class strong team does not dare to guarantee to win Denmark. Since its efforts, Denmark in 2010 is definitely above Japan. However, the last round of the group race, Japan actually squeezed Denmark out of the knockout with a score of 3: 1.

This game belongs to Honda Gui. He has a straightforward to break the door in this game, and there is a juggling person in the penalty area. It can be said that he is the biggest hero in Japan to defeat Denmark. At the same time, after Japan won this victory, he broke into the Sixteen of the World Cup in history.

Third, 2018 World Cup Korea 2: 0 Germany

Due to the ”World Cup” in the 2002 World Cup, the Korean team has not been treated for many years. However, the Koreans still have their own things in the World Cup, that is, physical fitness, stubborn, and fight for abnormal. The Korean opponent in this game is the defending champion Germany, and the strength gap between the two sides is large. However, the German team did not catch the arrogant two gas, and the blood-blood wars we were familiar with were not intended. In the face of the madness of the Korean team, Germany seems to be very uncomfortable, and they did not show the unique spirit of Germans until finally.

The score of 2: 0 did not let South Korea advance, after this game, both sides go home together. However, the Koreans can leave the plates in front of the German team. This game is a brilliant history of the Korean team, enough to write into their facility.

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Second, 1994 World Cup Saudi 1: 0 Belgium

In 1994, Saudi participated in the World Cup in 1994 shocked the world. Among them they overcome the European Red Magic Belgium in the group match, so that all Asia is excited.

In fact, the score of this game is still in the next, the most critical is that Ovan enters the goal of thousands of miles away in this game, this goal is often brought to Maradona. Compared with the century goal. Although the goal of Ovan is still inferior as compared with Maradona’s goal, there is no doubt that this goal is the light of Asia. Ovan won the title of Mr. Asian Football in that year, this scaffolded goal akola news today is the best foot.

Unfortunately, after this World Cup, Saudi World Cup can be described in terms of endlessness, and because of this, this game is particularly valuable to Saudi, of course, for Asian football.

First, North Korea 1: 0 Italy

In fact, Asian football shocked the world in the World Cup, it was in a distant 1966. The strongest team of Asia hassan news was still North Korea at the time. On this World Cup, North Korea defeated strong Italy, and today, people talk about the classic cold door on the World Cup, and they will also say that this game decorate.

North Korea’s stunning performance on this World Cup is not allowed. They also facilitate the three goals in the first round of Portugal, 3: 0 leading opponents; only they lost to the more magical black Leopard Bio, otherwise, North Korea will set off how much waves in the World Cup, no one can lucknow news corona imagine.

Therefore, all the Asian teams in the World Cup are headed in this competition.

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