Austrian heads have bred, Juventi took the opportunity to dig angle, Allabury left Bayern to transfer the intention

The Germans have been finished in this season, and Bayern will win the crown, and Dortmund has once again tragorned. Bayern’s strong winning, there is no dominant position in Deck. No matter from the lineup or financial resources, there is a significant advantage in two aspects of other German teams. The most important thing for Bayern is undoubtedly in the German Cup finals and Leverkusen, as well as the next Champions League event. For the luxury team like Bayern, the ultimate goal is to become a season three crown. The German champion is just the first step in the governance journey. The next Bayern must force the German Cup and the Champions League.

Bayern on the one hand, preparing for war, on the other hand, is actively looking for the right to attach the target. It is reported that the rear defense in the big Paris array has announcement today rejected the professional contract provided by the team, and the agreement is reached with Bayern, and it is infinitely close to the Degra. It is absolutely advantageous to improve the post-defense potential of 18 years old.

Kuazi is 1 meter 87, which shows a high talent in the middle and defenders, and its prospects can be described as bright. The big Paris high-level, I want to give the French teenage opportunity to support it in Brazil, and will gradually giving the French teenage opportunities to new news english support them. I hope that Kazi will be a new back-to-core core of the team soon. I didn’t expect it to dig the corner of Dejori, giving big Paris.

Introducing the promotion, but busy Bayern seems to have forgotten a general renewal of the team, he is Austrian star Allaba. This all-round player who can play guards, Zhongwei, midfield, etc., have undoubtedly play an extremely important role in Bayern. Allaba’s effective Bayern has more than nine years, one of Bayern has achieved many brilliant honors. At the current updates in india age of 28, Allaba, which was present in the field, no matter which position, there were few mistakes. Under which teaching is taught, Allaba can show a very high competitive level.

The contract of Araba and Bayern has only one year. The outside world is only a contract for the Austrian Star and the team to renew the contract. Unexpectedly, there was now that Bayern did not negotiate with Allaba, which made the players were quite a micro word. Nowadays, Allaba has been open to the open attitude. Once the flash news today negotiations are broken, then this effective Bayern’s multi-year strength players will choose to leave the team.

Parignini is a reporter of the Italian local station. In its disclosed news, Pointtime Points that Araba is indeed a heart, the player broker still tells him one of the team’s intentional teams, that is, Benzhen, Juventus . Allaba’s multi-faceted properties can undoubtedly bring a lot of changes to Juventus tactics. During the effectiveness of Bayern, all the giants have not stopped from live news headlines Allaba, and I have been hope that I can get this all-round player, helpless Allaba is only Bayern, so that other teams do not dig angular opportunities.

Nowadays, players have an idea of ??leaving the team in the absence of the contract, which has undoubtedly makes all teams to re-ignite the hopes of Allaba. Juventus is just one of the intentional clubs of Araba. Once the renewal is late, there is only a more and more increasing team to join this player. Therefore, Bayern should not only put the center of gravity in an injective work, and should accelerate the renewal negotiations of Alba to avoid the corners of other teams.

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