Ball Maxi joined 12 hours, Mbpe did not send! Name exposes him to buy a house directly in Madrid

On August 11th, Beijing time, the world’s first ball of the football officially announced that it has joined the big Paris, and he will wear 30 shirts in Paris. For 21 google newsroom years, Messi has not worn the new season, and it is also 17 years since the history of La University, without Messi and C Luo.

However, Messi is now suddenly airborne big Paris, and the most affected is no doubt. It is another super genius Mabpe who wants to be the king. In 12 hours after the Messi official, Mbpe did not say it until Mbpe, kept silence, and now there is a new heavy news, he is already buying a house in Madrid. .

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The boss of Paris is definitely inner Mal, and NeMal is welcome in Messi, Ninag, is very excited, and various propaganda Messi is coming, I am very happy to meet Messi. However, the attitude of Mbpe, who is the team’s old second, is intriguing, a ball king joins your team, you don’t say a word, what does this mean?

Now another new news came. With the arrival of Messi, Mbpe has been destined to leave. Pipi-Estrada, Six Journalists in Spain, brought a new news, Mbpe has been buying a house in Madrid,today’s news please and Paris is already very clear. He left the arrow on the strings and have to send.

Messi is now airborne Paris with freedom, in fact, just accelerating the process of leaving Mrabise, but even if Messi has not come, Mbpe may still go to Real Madrid. He has long wanted to go to Real Madrid, nor a day two days, because Mbpe is a very ambient person, Mbpe, who has been 22, he wants to get the Champions League in Paris, he What is even more want is a personal honor, he is too young, there is a big breaking news update brother’s heart.

Nema may be very clear, Messi should not come to grab the boss, so he has been welcoming Messi, and the relationship between two people is also very good. However, Mbpe is different, Mbpe, this age, the age of wanted to make big money, but also want the top award, including the Champions League, and more importantly, to get personal honor. He can’t give Messi as the younger brother, and he is not likely to give the brotherner.

Mbpe is huge, no matter what Paris can’t get the Champions League this year, unless I take the Champions League, he has to take the most valuable player, you have to take the golden ball, to meet all of his personal honor, then this kind of 姆姆佩 may not leave . However, if you can win so many people’s honors around Messi, you are indeed the boss of this team, he certainly doesn’t have to go.

But as long as it doesn’t finish these, Mbpe is mostly going, now there is even news that he is already buying a house in Madrid, and the big Paris is even more than one year in Mbpe, and does not let him freely. When you waited for Sampe, you may stop him from being left. Of course, Messi specially came to this team and accelerated Mbpe’s walking. With Messi, he could not become the only boss.

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