Barcelona and Lionel Messi can not be the reason to renew announced! Fans second sound, this time to say the truth

Barcelona and Lionel Messi can not be the reason to renew announced! Fans second sound, this time to say the truth. Hot friends sharply pointed out: going around, is Messi Barca had most want to get rid of the burden! Barcelona or by a group of miserable pit management, who see the La Liga? Feel sorry for Macy’s, for Barcelona, ??can only send one sentence: unjust is doomed to destruction. It seems to Greater Paris is a good way out. The competitive state is bound to choose five major league teams. Also good, let us appreciate the new Messi. We all thought you were going to when you choose to stay, we all thought you choose to stay when you choose to go, this change to the extraordinary anti Who is maintained? Barcelona may be new aid has been mainly observed in the performance of the team, may find new aid performance is also good, the preseason team also performed well, Macy’s salary is too high, so we decided. Thought Messi will eventually leave, did not expect to leave in such a way. From Kluivert, Rivaldo that era, began vaguely like Barcelona, ??I admit that I enjoy the honor and pride of Macy brings, but I’m not after all the people, I was Barca fans, a red and blue I heart , then put it with pride.

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Messi came to Barcelona he was, no one can turn away from the club. But how should I say, very disappointing very chilling, maybe there we do not know the inside story, but the trouble you ”is not just a club,” shouted such slogans do not, I should also bid farewell to the youth. Twins were lucky enough to see the peak and greatest moments, a European Cup and a Copa America. C Lo then leaving the team I feel able to accept, but Messi leaving the team a bit justified. daily news update Barcelona The thing to do is not authentic ah, but Lionel Messi in Barcelona did not make sense, let Su teeth from last free to join Atletico Madrid, I felt inside Barcelona has begun to rot, and Barcelona in European football and if there is no chance . In fact, most want to see Messi go to Manchester City, but now most likely be in Paris. Before further hope Messi Barcelona is willing to take a pay cut to stay team, the result was felt Messi played with. Eventually left the dream place to start, the hero fade, veteran dying. Eventually lost youth, had, brilliant, lost before, this is the life. Messi left, as if like my lost youth, I had known sooner or later, did not envisage really come!

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Messi should be changed club to prove he is not a player system, or else the number one is always a bit empty. Barca still have no money to renew, can not blame Barcelona, ??he made a last-ditch effort. Massey change team, which under comfortable, you can not stay up late watching, and Manchester City to the Grand Paris bar. Barcelona is the textbook level of performance in recent years, first-hand how the king of fried labeled bad card. C Luo gone, Messi is gone, there is concern about the Spanish-style cliff fall, Real Madrid Barcelona star-making ability is strong, but who can achieve Mero’s strength? Estimated that at least no one will be close to a decade, the Spanish Football Federation which is playing his own face, to say the least, just sponsorship, would be less than half. In fact, Messi is now the club had not afford, is a play, that is a staple of entertainment. Macy’s contract negotiations is very strong, overestimate their own. For a week, the Primera Liga began to see Pei Deli, De Jong these xiaonianqing, slowly I have no one to mention. Messi himself, he has not had Messi, but for the opponent, he or Messi. Macy behalf of the club so treated, chilling! Messi has repeatedly distressed patient for his loyalty to the team, but is this outcome.

In fact, Barcelona has such a tradition, from Romario is like this, the greater the brand is more cold-shoulder treatment. In fact, Messi left useless, no longer secure the league title, let alone the Champions League every year tragedy, out the door is the best outcome. Barcelona Messi separation resulting clear surface Barcelona Messi lose-lose, is seen deeper in the acceleration Primera Liga debilitating influence. The highly paid veteran Real Madrid have sold, in fact, Barca also want to sell, but unfortunately not sell. Real Madrid is still hard, to sell the player as well as the residual value when the La Liga money. In fact, everyone is a part of the system, unless the person kicking a football is, in addition, is the core of the play will be around, replaced by mud on the wall can not help? Macy’s salary destroy the ecological balance Barcelona, ??causing internal contradictions. Messi away is the best choice, and look at the performance of the bow plum home now. So we talk about loyalty to Real Madrid, said that only commercial interests. From last year to now, people are willing to dig a penny Massey transfer fee? Juve then get 33-year-old C-Lo, real money to dig a billion euros. Messi is now the best youth gave Barca, and stay away too much to complain.

Thank you for your continued concern for me, thank you, accompanied by the creation of the road, I will continue to refuel!

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