Barcelona escaped! The opponent is not in seconds, and the end of the end of the end: not winning the Ren or will kick the European Union Cup

At the end of the Champions League game ended in the early morning of November 24, Beijing, Barcelona was 0-0 regretted Benfika at home. It didn’t have a revenge for the first round of 0-3. Advance the top 16.

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This season’s Champions League team, Barcelona will receive a valuable 6 points through ”double kill”, Dynamo. At this point, I will go hand in advance with Bayern in advance in the homefield. It is worth noting that this is also the Champions League of Barcelona.

Both sides in the competition have a chance to break the door. In the first half, Benfica has been in a goal by Otamendi, but the referee will go out of the bottom line. Barcelona is the left foot of the small head and the left foot, and playing it out of the beam. In the 83rd minute of the competition, Barcelona scored 1 goal, Picker path, Araujo bag, shot, shot the ball. However, after the Arauho kneel, the Board has blown down the ball with its own offside. The competition entered the last school stage, the Benfica won the chance of a tribute.

But the big fell is, the Swiss country, the Swiss country, the Swiss country, who has lost the Barcelon Gate, is biased behind the empty door. After the empty door of Sefellovic, Benfica coach disappointed. Barcelona successfully escaped, if Senovich’s ball is in, Barcelona will be even more unfavorable.

At present, Bayern has locked the group 1st, Barcelona 7-point Phi Ka is 5 points. At the end of the game, Barcelona will be a passenger to fight Bayern, and Benfica is the main court to meet the bottom of the team.

Considering that the last round of the last round of the Benfica is very big. Because the relationship between this Philipphi wins is in a disadvantage, if Barcelona wants to get out, you must get 3 points to the battlefare, if Barcentricle can’t defeat Bayern, then you can only expect Benfika. . Therefore, only defeating Bayern, Barcelona can ensure that Barcelona is undoubtedly a daunting task. If you lose to Bayern, Barcelona is really likely to fall to the team’s third, go to the European Union Cup.

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